Tanner Foust is another one of those guys that has one of the greatest jobs in the world. Some people consider him to be one of the busiest men in motorsports because he competes in so many different styles of racing, and that’s not including the stunt driving he does for most major Hollywood films. Even with all of that, he must have some extra time on his hands since the American version of Top Gear was cancelled, which was unfortunate because I finally thought they were starting to hit their stride.

To fill in that extra time, why not pay homage to one of his favorite TV shows growing up as a kid called “Quantum Leap.” Only he’s not an actor so instead he uses his talents behind the wheel to add a little motorsports twist on the story. You’ll see Foust behind the wheel of a whole fleet of vehicles including some of the baddest Volkswagens you’ve ever seen before, a Polaris RZR, a boat, and even what appears to be an old school Porsche 911. Everything from his 700+hp VW Passat Drift car to his 600hp Beetle that he uses on the Global Rallycross circuit is used throughout the film and you can tell Foust really knows how to push them to their limits.

He teamed up with some of his main corporate sponsors, Rockstar and Donut Media, to put together this little six-minute video called “Quantum Drift”. It’s not quite on the level of a Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos but it’s most definitely one of the better that I’ve seen in a while. Foust is in a very exclusive class of drivers that can do things with a car that you wouldn’t normally think possible, and he makes that quite obvious within 30 seconds of being behind the wheel. Bravo.


Photo: motor1
Photo: motor1

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