There are many epic stages on the WRC circuit, but the Rally Italia Sardegna that took place last week is often a crowd favorite for a list of reasons. One of the main reasons is the beautiful scenery that provides an epic backdrop when watching the high strung rally cars spitting out clouds of dust as the haul ass by. And the other main reason is simply called “Micky’s Jump.”

Micky’s Jump has provided some of the most spectacular jump footage for photographers and cinematographers for decades now. It’s steep face and blind corner make the drivers, or in this case maybe we should call them pilots, surrender to the Rally gods as they put their foot to the floor and hold on as they quite literally fly off this epic jump. Even seasoned veterans claim that every time they approach the hair-raising jump, it’s just as exhilarating and yet nerve racking as the first time they went off of it.

Because the high flying action is so appealing, spectators flock to that section of the course just so they can see what sort of carnage will take place. With that being said, that’s also another reason why drivers go “balls to the wall” when attacking the jump because after all, you don’t want to be viewed as a bad jumper, right?

Some of you might recognize Micky’s Jump because of a now viral video that’s going around the internet showing a WRC car clipping the bottom of a drone that got a little too close for comfort when trying to get a one of a kind shot. Thanks to some cat-like reflexes, the drone pilot was able to move it at the very last second to prevent a head-on collision. And that’s probably a good thing, both for him and the cost of his expensive drone, but more so for the driver of the car. Because I can only imagine that hitting Micky’s blind just to run smack dab into a drone would startle even the most seasoned racer and would likely cause some sort of accident upon landing.

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