One of the best parts about being a Moto enthusiast is there’re so many different ways to get your “fix” so to speak. Some like playing in the dirt and others strictly on-road, some like to lift em up and others like to drop them as low to the ground as possible. Here at Moto Networks we pride ourselves on being at least open to all forms, but personally speaking, I can’t seem to wrap my head around the cars you’ll see when attending car gatherings like Stance Wars 2016 held in Seattle, Washington.

Just right Photo: stancenation
Just right
Photo: stancenation

Now before I get a bunch if hate mail from what they call the “Stance Nation” let me say I have the ultimate respect for anyone that is passionate about anything Moto related. There are a lot of absolutely gorgeous cars at these meets that I would be proud as hell to own and drive if given the chance. But there are also a lot that I wouldn’t want any part of and instead, would poke fun of.

Way Too Much Photo: pinterest
Way Too Much
Photo: pinterest

It all boils down to the “stance” of the car as you’ve probably gathered by now. Stance is a wonderful thing, it’s what makes cars so attractive. The wider, lower, sometimes haunched up rear end look of something like old school muscle car or even better something like McLaren P1. But that’s in stock form, the perfect example of an aftermarket specifically tunes stance would be something from Liberty Walk and their wide body kits that we’ve talked about before. If you remember from that article, as much as I love those widebody kits when they’re done right, they can also go too far really fast. It all comes down to one very crucial thing, again in my opinion, and that’s negative camber.

Too Much Photo: speedhunters
Too Much
Photo: speedhunters

Negative Camber is when you essentially tilt the top of the tire inwards, usually to clear a fender so the car can drop even lower. You’ll see negative camber a lot on professional drift cars and other high-level race cars but in small amounts. The reason being is it helps provide more traction under heavy cornering, but again in small amounts. Well somewhere along the lines someone thought it would look cool if they put so much negative camber that basically only the inner sidewall of the tire is making contact with the ground. That trend started catching fire and now there’s a small cult following.

Too Much Photo: flikr
Too Much
Photo: flickr

So even though it pains me to see cars that I love like the WRX STI, GTR and anything BMW M series with these crazy negative camber stances, I still give them props for being passionate about their cars. I mean a car limbo contest really? Only at Stance Wars.

Much better don't you think? Photo: stancenation
Much better don’t you think?
Photo: stancenation