Even though they have been making sports cars since 1999, Spyker is not what you would consider a well-known car company. Over the years they’ve had all sorts of financial trouble that has prevented them from making an impact on the car world. But things are looking up for the Dutch car company thanks to an agreement made with none other than Christian Von Koenigsegg.

During a press conference at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show, the Founder and CEO, Victor R. Muller, announced that Spyker signed an Engine Supply Agreement with the all mighty Koenigsegg. Before you get your hopes up, that doesn’t mean there will be a twin turbo 1,350hp version of the Spyker C8 running around town. However, it will feature a new 5.0L V8 that was specifically developed by Koenigsegg to meet Spyker’s requirements.

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This new engine will be featured in both the Coupe and Spyder variations of Spyker’s new C8 Preliator that was debuted at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show. According to Muller, “This is our single most important advancement in technology since I founded Spyker in 2000. I have always admired the amazing technologies developed by Christian von Koenigsegg and his dedicated team creating one of the most sophisticated cars and engines on the planet, and I am convinced our Spyker C8 Preliator clients will tremendously enjoy the huge performance leap.”

How big of leap you ask? Well, according to reports this new Koenigsegg engine will produce a whopping 600hp, and that’s naturally aspirated horsepower mind you. That’s a 200hp jump from the 4.2L V8 sourced from Audi that Spyker used in its previous models. This new engine is truly one of a kind and could very well be a sign of what the future might bring for Koenigsegg as an engine builder for other manufacturers. A great deal of the parts for this new motor were literally “made” on a 3D printer. And while it’s currently naturally aspirated, it was also designed to be compatible with a hybrid electric boost system.

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To make the new C8 Preliator even more appealing to the sports car enthusiast, Spyker also announced that it will come with a true three-pedal six-speed manual transmission, also sourced from Koenigsegg. Apparently it’ll be the only car on the market to have 600hp and a manual gearbox. We should start seeing production models of the C8 Preliator Coupe by the end of this year, and the Spyder drop-top by the middle of next year. Pricing is estimated to start around $429,000 and will go up from there depending on what option boxes you check.

Koenigsegg and Spyker are actually the perfect fit for each other. Both companies pride themselves on producing hand-built cars from the ground up that are unlike anything else in the world. Spyker focuses a bit more on the luxury side of things versus the raw performance Koenigsegg is known for. So by adding the performance of this new lightweight and extremely powerful Koenigsegg V8 to the luxurious, hand-crafted body of the Spyker makes perfect sense. Needless to say, this new C8 Preliator has some serious potential to finally put Spyker on the map, and keep them there.

Photo: Robb Report and Spyker Cars

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