In most circumstances, buying a wagon is a sign that you’re throwing in the towel on owning a cool car. Instead, you’re giving into the whole taking kids to soccer practice and quick trips to the local grocery store type thing. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Especially when you’re starting with an already potent BMW 335i Touring that comes stock with a 3.0L inline six-cylinder that’s good for 300hp. 300hp is hardly something to hyped about, which is why the owner of this stunning example has drastically upgraded the car to the point that it now churns out a staggering 900hp!

I don’t know about you, but a 900hp wagon doesn’t sound “responsible” to me, which is probably why this car is so incredibly appealing. Because let’s be honest, having a wagon, in general, is not a bad thing. You have all that extra space so you can throw all you gear in the back and have plenty of room for the family or your buddies. And if you add in a 900hp motor to that package, you have yourself quite the multi-purpose car. It also helps to have it look as good as the sinister black example shown here.

Photo: youtube

The owner of this incredible machine goes by the name Marco and he’s spent quite a bit of time and money creating the masterpiece that sits before you. Cosmetically, it’s been fitted with an air-ride system that’s controllable via his phone so he can raise and lower the car just by the touch of a button. It also has aftermarket wheels and tires, which he constantly has to change out for reasons you’ll see shortly. And of course the all black paint job. These things combined help separate the car from all other 335i Touring models while also keeping it classy and not over the top like you would expect to see after knowing it has that much power under the hood.

Speaking of the power, let’s get to that because it is what makes this car so appealing. Marco kept the original motor but has done a significant amount of upgrading. The biggest improvement was replacing the twin turbo setup for a single twin-scroll competition turbo that’s pumping out over 30 psi of boost. The upgrades don’t end there. He also added a custom manifold and intercooler. And what might be the only thing that can compare with the badassery of the 900hp engine boosted to the max is the custom built downpipe and exhaust system that’s also been fitted with cutouts. That exhaust system with the help of the cutouts creates an intoxicating exhaust note that is ridiculously loud. So loud in fact that someone brought out a device reader and when this car is at full revs makes over 121-DB. As a point of comparison, that is almost as loud as a military jet taking off will full afterburner. And sounds almost as good too.

Photo: bmwblog

Marco is not afraid to use his spectacular little wagon either. There are quite a few videos where he’s bouncing it off the rev-limiter as he’s laying down burnouts that would make even the Aussie’s proud. He even lines it up in the occasional drag race to show off the 900 horses under the hood. I think there is something so cool and appealing about having a car that you can load up all your friends or family, and still having the confidence of knowing that you could line up next to just about any car in stock form and smoke it in a light-to-light drag race. And if this is what it means to own a wagon, well sign me up because I would be proud as punch to drive that car literally everywhere.


photo: youtube

Photo: youtube
Photo: bmwblog
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