Well just as I had the suspicions that this might actually be a hoax, turns out it was. The guys at Mile High Motorsports based out of Denver, Colorado rent exotic cars, like the McLaren MP4-12C seen in the video, for public use. It was reported that the MP4-12C was due for a windshield replacement so the owner decided to have a little fun with it. This just goes to show you that you don’t always want to believe what you see on the internet. Shocking I know.


You may have seen the video of a skateboarder smashing the windshield of this bright orange McLaren MP4-12C that’s been flooding the internet the past few days. Apparently the car “ran” a stop sign and hit the skater as he was coming across the crosswalk in Denver, Colorado. In retaliation he uses his board to smack the windshield then makes a run for it. In the first video released all you could only hear the smash of the windshield before the skater makes a run for it and the passenger of the car gets out and chases after him.

Photo: diecastexchange
Photo: diecastexchange

But of course we live in a time when everyone has a HD camera in their pockets, so naturally it wasn’t going to be long before another angle surfaced. In the second video, although its poorly shot, you can see the whole thing from beginning to end. Now a couple things, first did the car really “run” the stop sign, my opinion is absolutely not. I think even “rolling through” the stop sign would be a stretch. Secondly, even if that was the case does the punishment fit the crime? I mean the kid clearly didn’t get hit, maybe it scared him at best.

First angle

Smashing a windshield on a car that costs well over $200,000 is going to cost a pretty penny to replace. I’m pretty sure the local come to your house glass repair company is not going to cut it. So that in itself makes me immediately side with the driver on this. Granted I love that McLaren MP4-12C and always hvae. When it came out and immediately gave Ferrari a run for their money I was hooked. But even if it was a $500 bucket of bolts, you still never mess with a persons vehicle. Whatever problem you may have with someone, don’t take it out on the car, it didn’t do anything wrong.

Second angle


Maybe that is an obnoxious gearhead way of looking at the whole situation. But from what i’m seeing, I hope the passenger of the car caught up to the little turd and give him a good old fashioned noogie. Although it should be noted that the more I watch the second video, it sure doesn’t look like the kid hits the window very hard at all. Granted it probably wouldn’t take much to crack the windshield on that car considering its likely to have thinner glass than in normal cars to conserve weight. But it almost makes you wonder if this whole thing was potential staged? What do you think? Watch both angles and see if you think the punishment fits the crime and the potential of a hoax and comment bellow.

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