Street racing is more popular than ever with countless events held all over the country. A great majority of that popularity comes from movies like The Fast and The Furious and TV shows like Street Outlaws. The latter of which is quite a bit more realistic than the madness you’ll sometimes see on the big screen. If you need an example, just picture Vin Diesel rowing through a magical never-ending gearbox that somehow always has that extra gear when he needs it. But while the Street Outlaws may be more realistic in comparison, now that it’s in its 9th season there’s quite a bit of dramatization there as well. If you’re looking for the real deal, actual street racing there’s one name, or company rather, that should come to mind, and that’s 1320video.

The guys at 1320video have made a niche for themselves by being the unofficial source of everything that is street racing. If you have a major, or even semi-major street race event in your area you can bet there will be a 1320video representative there with his or her camera rolling. They usually put out fairly short videos that range from top of the line 2,000hp monsters all the way down to the “standard” muscle cars. But they’ve tried something new and released a full feature length film following one of the biggest street race events in the United States, Cash Days 2017.

Cash Days is more or less the Superbowl of street racing. It has big cash payouts and a whole lot of bragging rights and that draws the best of the best out of the woodwork to come out and prove that they have the baddest street car on the planet. With that being said, you know you can expect to see “Big Chief” and pretty much the entire cast of Street Outlaws, plus most of the top notch cars that competed against the 405 crew on the show. That means Kye Kelly, the Swamp Thing, and anyone else you could name if you follow the scene.

The 2017 Cash Days is definitely going to be one for the record books because 1320video tagged along and recorded the entire time. And throughout the multiple nights, they managed to catch all sorts of action thanks to wrecks and even the police busting a racer red handed at the end of a run, and that’s on top of over an hour of hardcore street racing in the middle of the night! So pop some popcorn and kick your feet up and take a look at the real Fast and Furious and how the street racing scene gets down.

Photos: 405photo

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