We brought you the Aston Martin DB11 when it was released earlier this year featuring the all new from the ground up 5.2L twin turbo V12 built in house by Aston. We thought the DB11 was one of the best looking Aston’s to date, aside from the Vulcan of course. When we did the article the actual power specs had not been released but many speculated there to be around 600hp, and they were exactly right. Aston finally confirmed that the new engine would indeed produce 600hp and would propel the car from 0-60 in under 4 seconds.

Love this angle Photo: driving
Love this angle
Photo: driving

In the eyes of a gearhead, the “Denim Chin” otherwise know as Jay Leno, is a very lucky man. Not only does he have one of the most extensive car collections in the world, but he also gets access to drive some very exclusive cars. This being no exception. Leno gets invited to take the brand new DB11 prototype out for a spin on Willow Springs raceway and he brings a friend along as well. This friend happens to be Ben Collins who is the stunt driver that worked on the recent James Bond films. Collins also happens to be the former Stig from Top Gear that created a bit of controversy a while back when he wrote a tell all book about the show. The two try to recreate some of the good guy/bad guy car chase from the movies, Leno behind the wheel of the new DB11 and Collins driving the new 2017 Vantage S. Interestingly both of these cars have never been driven before, at least by anyone outside the Aston Martin family. After seeing these two gorgeous cars, which one would you drive home if you were to buy one? For me it would be the DB11 all day, every day. What a machine. Aston Martin have drastically stepped up their game in the past year or so. Between the 600hp DB11, 800hp Vulcan, and potential 1,000hp or more coming from the AM-RB 001, Aston Martin now seem to be moving from the luxury grand tour format to full blown performance machines.

2017 Vantage S Photo: motortrend
2017 Vantage S
Photo: motortrend