There isn’t a car on this planet that signifies the 90’s hot rod scene more than the unmistakable ‘Scrape.’This radical 1939 Lincoln Zephyr was the culmination of many man hours of labor done by Terry Cook and Ramsey Mosher. Terry Cook being a former Hot Rod Magazine editor, while Ramsey Mosher is a custom coach builder. ‘Scrape’ wasn’t just built around a pinnacle time in American hot rodding, it was the pinnacle. And now, it could be yours.

‘Scrape’ started life as a barn find 1939 Lincoln Zephyr, a car that is good looking on even its worst days. But hot rod purists like Terry are reluctant to leave a stone un-turned when doing a build, resulting in almost everything being tweaked to get the perfect low slung sinister look. The front end is from a 40-41 Lincoln, and the entire chassis has been stretched. The roof has been chopped, and stretched, giving ‘Scrape’ and almost fastback-like look. When originally built Terry took pride in the fact that ‘Scrape’ was very recognizable as a Lincoln Zephyr, never losing its vintage charm.

While ‘Scrape’ is notorious in the hot rod world, it’s not because of its performance merits. That’s because, well frankly, it doesn’t have any. The chassis is a 1978 Chevrolet station wagon. The frame had to be shortened, and then braced directly to the body in the original fashion of the Zephyr. The engine is a Chevrolet small block 350, paired to a three speed automatic, likely a turbo 350. The Zephyr did gain some creature comforts in the process, like power brakes, windows, and even power steering. Hell, it even has AC now, thanks to a more modern powerplant.

The interior is just as stunning as the exterior, matching the classic look beautifully. The mood is set with the monstrous suicide doors, revealing an interior fit for a mob boss or possibly a super villain. Maybe both. The split bench seat is from a vintage Cadillac and features power adjustability while the rest of the interior is colored to match. The rest of the small interior detailing is finished in billet aluminum, including a 3 spoke steering wheel fit for a king.

You may be thinking ‘so the inside is spectacular as well as the outside, what more is there to know?’ and the answer is oh so much more. Because this isn’t just a cool hot rod that is making another appearance on the market. Nay. This is a legendary hot rod. It’s thee hot rod. See it was built back the late 90’s, when hot rodding was practically the biggest thing in the states. It was so popular then people were hot rodding their pickup trucks. It was that real. And this build, with over 4 years and 4,500 man hours into it, took the world by storm. It was in every car show for almost 2 years, winning more than its fair share of awards. ‘Scrape’ was the very first car to sit completely flat on the ground, thanks to an ingenious hydraulic system that allowed the car to be raised or lowered with a push of the switch.

Sure, it’s common practice now, but that’s what makes ‘Scrape’ special, it was the first one. If that picture isn’t vivid enough let me try one more to convince you. ‘Scrape’ was so big that Mattel, as in the giant toy company, built a 1/18th scale Hot Wheels of ‘Scrape’ that sold out in weeks. Guess what, I had one as a kid. That’s right, I probably still have it in my box of Hot Wheels back at my parent’s house. But that’s how big of a deal this car was.

At the end of 1999 ‘Scrape’ sold for $250,000 to the Petersen Automotive Museum where it was on display until 2013. During its second auction, the big purple ‘Scrape’ brought in only $54,000 dollars, a far cry from its once famous glory. If that weren’t bad enough it went to a reality TV star of all people. Thankfully ‘Scrape’ wasn’t totally ruined, instead getting a pricey tune up before being prepared for auction once more.

‘Scrape’ now sports a new modern air ride system that replaced the original hydraulic system. This is said to improve the ride as well as its lowering and raising functions. He also painted it black. Normally this would be a crime when dealing with something as legendary as ‘Scrape,’ but thankfully the new black coat stirred the pot just enough, revamping the legend for more and more people to enjoy.

This one of a kind Lincoln is set to go to auction in June and is looking at fetching anywhere between $300,000 and $400,000. That’s an impressive bankroll, yet it somehow seems like not enough. A hot rod like this really screams priceless, yet here we are. If you happen to be one of those kids that had the Hot Wheels of ‘Scrape’ growing up, and now you make millions. Well, this may just be your year.

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