It goes hand-in-hand; cutting edge electronics come paired with styling that is straight out of a Tron movie. While in some cases that’s a great thing, it does little for those that love the lines of a vintage bike. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and here is proof of that.

This bike is called the ‘Midnight’ Runner, and it’s an electric masterpiece. This one off custom is designed by Apache Custom Motorcycles from Verona Italy. While the entire bodywork is all original, all the mechanical electrical goodness is stock from Energica. It’s a great example of what you can do with modern tech. Hopefully, something we see a lot more of.

Midnight Runner’s core is all Energica Eva. The Italian motorcycle company proudly produces all electric machines, with 3 different models currently in their lineup. The Eva being their naked ‘street fighter’ version that sparked inspiration for this custom. While it isn’t as much ‘street fighter’ as it is just a standard motorcycle, it still is a great naked option. The electric motor on the EVA produces a staggering 125lb-ft of torque and gives the standard a 125mph top speed. The range is also a fair 125miles, in eco mode that is. From the current crop of electric bikes, it seems if they are ridden with a purpose you are looking at half that, but even then a 60-mile range isn’t that bad, all things considered.

When it comes to charging, all of Energica’s models come equipped standard with a DC fast charger. This allows for faster home charging, so you aren’t sitting there waiting to go ride. From there you can also control the bike using a mobile app, which shows all sorts of stats and figures. Basically, a really extensive way to check your range. But you do get the option to change your power settings on the fly, just in case you want to use something other than sport mode.

The only real drawback to such a cool machine is the fact that it starts at… wait, are you sitting down? You might want to because it will cost you $29,700.00 just to get your foot in the door. OUCH. For giggles, I used Energica Motors online configuration tool to see how much one of these machines comes to when fully spec’d out. It’s no big deal, just a stout FORTY-THREE-THOUSAND-DOLLARS. Makes the argument of saving on gas kind of a moot point doesn’t it? I was all in until I read that. I have to say, that’s a hard pill to swallow.

Thankfully when we look at custom bikes the thought of money usually dissipates without a fight. More often than not the bikes we feature are strictly one-off-machines, allowing them to easily command a serious price tag. Once you get the thought of money out of your head you can truly appreciate the beauty of a custom machine. Midnight Rider is one of those very machines. The bubble fairings are an ode to the glory days of vintage motorcycle racing. Combine that with the custom tank and tail section and you have a machine that almost tricks you into thinking it is from another time, up until you glance at the frame. Once you see it you can’t unsee it, something lurking beneath that deep color-shifting paint. The electric motor pokes out just enough, similar to the rear cylinder of a Ducati. And because that motor is oil cooled, a small radiator sits exposed up front, a subtle throwback to those old-school machines.

With its current set of square lighting, the Midnight Runner looks like the perfect 80’s endurance racer. Except it isn’t. It’s a machine designed for the future, carrying a touch of the past with it. We need more machines like this, it’s the only way we enthusiasts will enjoy the next crop of electronic machines.

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