Stunt rider Rok Bagoros is at it again in his newest film. This time he takes on a slew of Mad Max looking folks in a segment that is sure to entertain. This is ‘Ride and Slay.’

Rok Bagoros is a Slovenia-born stunt rider that currently rides for the European giant KTM. With a slew of big name sponsors behind him, Rok is slowly but surely becoming one of the stunt scenes biggest stars. What makes Rok stand out above the rest of the pack is easily his rock n’ roll style and the clever use of his KTM Duke 690.

The 690 is a unique choice for a top stunter like Rok, yet it’s what he prefers. The little Duke gives Rok a nimble machine that he uses to fit his riding style, allowing him to keep up with his competitors on much bigger bikes. A while back we wrote about how amazing the new Husqvarna 701 Supermoto is, which happens to share a lot of similarities to the Duke 690, it’s not really a wonder why Rok uses the Duke. It’s curious that more people don’t. In a sport that is all about precision handling, you would think agility would be the first requirement for their machines.

Armed with his Duke, Rok now travels the world living his dream life as a professional stunt rider. With his GoPro sponsorship, Rok now captures the majority of his life stunting in Vlog form. He also manages to make some of the best short edits of him stunting in unique places all over the world. He brings a creative nature to his videos that seem to be lacking in recent years.

For ‘Ride and Slay’ Rok and his Duke 690 are pit against a crew of Mad Max inspired hellions that are out to kill him and all of his stunt riding kind. Rok is forced to use his stunt skills to combat his way out an aluminum factory in the heart of Slovenia, battling being chased, explosions and even running from the Famed KTM X-Bow. Between the soundtrack and the high-quality action-packed footage, ‘Ride and Slay’ perfectly showcases the young stunters Rock n’ Roll style. Enjoy.

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