Red Bull has no shortage of badass motorsports events under their control and they continue to come up with these unique and incredibly awesome competitions all over the world. One that we recently stumbled into was the Get on Top event held in Slovakia which is basically a motorcycle hill climb drag race. It appears to be similar to what you’d see at a normal dirt bike hill climb only with this hill you’re lining up head to head with another rider that you’ll need to battle all the way to the top of the hill.

Photo: redbull
Photo: redbull

The first 150 feet of the course is designed to represent an endurocross course with a tree section and rock section. Then you have a 600-foot hill climb that includes log step ups and loose gravel along the way. Becuase of these variations, you don’t see the standard hill climb bikes with the extended swingarms and nitrous injection. Instead, it’s the same bikes that you’ll see competing in most endurocross and motocross events. There were 123 riders that showed up to claim the Get on Top championship but in the end it was Thomas Innkeeper from Slovakia that came home with the victory. Watch the highlights from the event as each rider is willing to risk life, limb, and motorcycle as they claw their way to the top of the hill.

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