The elusive Alfa is like that foreign supermodel we all desperately lust over. Sexy in all the right ways, but with character to back it up. Sure, they are quirky, but that just makes you love them even more. So when I heard Chris Harris took out a vintage Alfa and threw it around like he’s known to do, you could say I was intrigued. But once I found out which Alfa it was, I was shamelessly jealous.

Chris Harris is the current king of auto journalism. Operating on another level of talent, Harris manages to be relatable and charming while doing things most of us couldn’t manage in our dreams. He’s a superbly ordinary fellow in every aspect of life until it comes to cars. Then, well, he becomes a poet. I’ve watched Chris drive a lot of cars over the years. I have to say my favorite was probably when he did the Singer Design 911. That is until I saw this. Now I have a new favorite.

Alfaholics has turned the mighty GTA into a fire breathing supercar slayer, and it only costs a small fortune. While the comparison of Alfaholics to Singer has been beaten to death, it comes with good reason. Both companies force feed a classic car with modern components until it’s better than everything and anything. The only area Alfaholics really differs from Singer is style. Singer drastically changes the exterior of their 911’s to find those perfect lines. Alfaholics doesn’t have that problem. It’s an Alfa, it’s already perfect.

Structurally the body has beefed up, and a pair of carbon doors help save weight. It’s so light in fact, that it makes the NA Miata look like a heavyweight. This is accomplished not only by the carbon body bits, but also the addition of titanium almost everywhere. Being both light and strong, titanium makes up a good portion of all the suspension components.

Things get really fun when you pop the hood. The GTA-R has the cleanest engine bay I have ever seen, bar none. It’s good enough that it could be un-functional and it would still be sooo worth it. Mashed between a gorgeous set of ITB’s and a set of the cleanest headers in the world sits 2.3-liters of fury, a lightweight 4-cylinder that lays down an incredible 240hp at 7-grand. As you will see in the video, it delivers as promised with an exhaust note worthy of a Grammy. To manage that power, Alfaholics had the 5-speed transmission rebuilt to their standard of performance. From the video alone you can almost feel how precise it is. As if this car needed it the ‘Holics put a nice little cherry on top in form of a copper-sintered LSD.

From there the list goes on and on. GTA Superleggera alloy wheels cut in 15-inch diameter for good measure. These are a direct copy of the stock units, only bigger and lighter. Bigger brakes, better tires, Recaro seats wrapped in leather, this GTA-R has it all. I’ll admit, $250,000 dollars is a lot of money. Yet when you look at the package you are getting, I can’t see why you wouldn’t. If all Alfa Romeo’s are like supermodels, then Alfaholics GTA-R is Queen Bee.

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