Nowadays when I hear the term ‘widebody kit’ I have a tendency to cringe slightly while being forced to remember many of played out Japanese cars. I instantly get reverted back to the days when Superstreet was the king of magazines. Back then anything that didn’t have 100-wings and wide bolt-on fenders didn’t get featured. Things have surely changed because Prior Design has developed a widebody kit for a true supercar, and it is gorgeous.

The car in question is an Audi R8 4S that has been reworked by the great minds at Prior Design. While I’m sure you know the standard R8 is already an amazing machine, PD has elected to dig its heels in and make the R8 just that much better. The 5.2-liter V10 that the R8 shares with the Hurrican has gone untouched. Because engine building is not their forte, Prior Design has elected to leave that to the manufacturer. At close to 600hp in stock trim I think that’s a fairly smart choice. However, where PD did allow themselves to go wild comes in form of a serious bodywork overhaul.

Prior Design created a widebody that looks almost stock. It’s more of a special edition directly from Audi than one of those famed Superstreet monstrosities I mentioned earlier. The entire kit has been constructed out of fiberglass instead of carbon. While that may sound like a bad thing I assure you it isn’t. Carbon is good for a lot of things but for bodywork it isn’t always necessary. I have seen fiberglass on many occasions looking just as good as carbon yet it’s much cheaper to produce. On top of that it can be just as light, although not as strong structurally. But for some fenders and what not it’s an economical solution that will get you that massive width that you have always wanted from your R8.

So what all does Prior Design’s widebody encompass? Practically everything you see. The front gets a new splitter, a different grill, and some custom front fenders. A new fiberglass hood is equipped, with some massive vents that are reminiscent of a GTE car. The new body lines continue through the sides of the R8 into the rear fenders. At this point, you may start to notice a theme developing, massive ventilation. There are now vents everywhere on the R8. First, it’s the hood. Then the front fenders. After that, you realize the factory ducts on the side of the R8 are now enlarged like gills on a great white. Then finally comes the rear fenders with vents that could qualify the R8 to be a classic group 5 car.

Prior Design made a perfect choice and finished the kit off in a Gunmetal grey that has been polished to a mirror-like shine. It’s flashy, yet not too much. They did also equip the R8 with some massive 20-inch wheels which is the only part that I’m not much of a fan. To me they are just too big, obstructing the go fast nature of the ridiculously good R8. A shame really. I think a set of forged wheels would make this R8 go from ‘impressive’ to ‘gotta have’ in no time flat. Another small but intriguing detail that Prior Design has yet to mention is whether or not this kit has been wind tunnel tested. The lack of info on that subject leaves me to believe that it hasn’t, and it may not have been designed for more than pure aesthetics. A minor grumble over a particularly cool design, but a grumble none the less.

The performance of the R8 may suffer slightly from the addition of this kit but frankly, I don’t care. The PD800WB looks soooo good even sitting still it’s hard to knock it for anything. On top of that the 600hp Audi is already a rocket, so a little time here or there isn’t going to hinder us driving mortals. It’s a phenomenal car built to show-stopping standard, and with some better wheels, this could become one of the most unique R8’s to ever roll down the road. Prior Design has opened my eyes and showcased to the world how good a proper widebody kit should look. Well done guys, keep it up.

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