This story is so bizarre that if there wasn’t video evidence it would have “goatshit” all over it. Reports are coming our of Australia that a very bizarre tow vehicle was spotted towing a trailer full of goats. That vehicle happened to be the former top of the line model offered by Lamborghini, the Murceilago.

Photo: motortrend
Photo: motortrend

Powered by a 6.2L V12 that produced 572hp and 479lb-ft of torque, the Murcielago was manufactured from 2001-2010 with just over 4,000 examples distributed worldwide. It also happens to have all-wheel drive so getting traction was hardly ever a problem. Not that it was needed in this case. One of those Lambo’s made it down under where its owner was spotted driving along like it was any other day, but with a trailer full of goats in tow. For some reason even as ridiculous as it sounds to say “a Lamborghini towing a trailer” out loud, I almost expected it to be some nice and sleek trailer, even if it was full of goats. But that isn’t the case, it looks like its one of those old trailers you’d see at an old farmhouse. But that’s not really the point is it.

Surprisingly there are more Lambo's out there towing trailers! Photo: carcrushing
Surprisingly there are more Lambo’s out there towing trailers!
Photo: carcrushing

I almost want to applaud this Lambo owner, strictly for the reason that there is no arguing that he actually drives his beloved Murcielago. Some people do them such an injustice by keeping them cooped up in some car collection somewhere. Or even worse turning them into a “trailer queen” by towing them all around the country to different car events. Not that I don’t appreciate looking at it, hell the Murcielago was my very favorite car for a long time growing up as a kid. I just feel like they’re meant to be driven.

Photo: thesun
Photo: thesun

So check out this incredibly bizarre and yet most powerful goat hauler you have ever seen. I apologize for the soundtrack, you may want to turn the speakers down for this one. Unfortunately its not the sweet sound of the 572hp V12 you’re hearing.

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