When Porsche announced they were going to bring an all new mid-engined 911 to GTE-Pro late last year it was cause for some serious interest. Now we’ve seen it in action, and while it had some success it has also been a challenging year for the new platform. Well, Porsche is looking to change that by turning it up to 11, literally.


The RSR blew everyone away with its all new mid-engine design and 4-liter naturally aspirated flat-six based off the 991 911. Well, that is until it actually started going around the track. Don’t get me wrong, Porsche has been doing well thus far in the season. It’s just that the RSR is lacking a little pizaz. It has been competitive in the race but suffers a lot during testing and qualifying. And the sound it makes is just… missing something. Or should I say it was missing something.

The sound emitted by the RSR used to be a burble. It was low, grunty and honestly made the RSR sound kind of slow. However, now Porsche has equipped the RSR with a new system that is looking and sounding promising.


During testing at Le Mans Porsche decided to try a type of new exhaust system that has the RSR screaming around the track like howler monkeys. The RSR is now so loud it’s to the point of almost too loud, if there were in fact such a thing. And it didn’t just get louder, the RSR got much, much faster as well. The new RSR design has been plagued with poor performances through practice and qualifying sessions. Really anything that wasn’t in a race setting. Yet during their first appearance with the new exhaust, the RSR’s stormed to the top of the charts for the majority of the test day at Le Mans. Only one of the Corvette C7.R’s was able to pull out a faster lap, relegating the RSR’s to a respectable second and third for testing. That’s a massive improvement over the beginning of the season, and should be worrisome to the rest of the field.

But enough about scoreboards, you probably want to hear it? Well for fun lets do a comparison. The video below is the RSR running laps with the ‘old’ exhaust setup. Grab your headphones and do these videos some justice.


Don’t get me wrong, it sounds good. It just sounds held back, reserved like its a street going car just doing some laps for fun. But now let’s check out how the new exhaust setup sounds.


It’s like the RSR’s are now possessed. Gone is that gentlemanly grumble, replaced instead by a war cry. When you listen to each back to back the contrast couldn’t be more drastic. Then factor in the beginning of the second video and how the RSR makes the C7.R Corvette sound like a Prius and the window looking into how loud these really are starts to open. Now excuse me while I go watch this videos a few hundred more times.


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