There’s excitement in the air for BMW fanboys, purists, and enthusiasts all over the world right now with the official release of the new Concept 8 Series, and more importantly the new M8. I’m pretty stoked about what this new performance luxury coupe will bring to the table. Besides the looks of the car, the big unknown is what powertrain the car will have. Will it be all-wheel drive or rear wheel only? Will it get a twin-turbo V8 or some wicked V12 that’s also potentially twin turbo as well? Unfortunately, no official word yet on those questions. However, thanks to a well-placed car spotter at the 2017 M Festival we get to hear this monster roar to life, which gives us pretty solid information that tells us we can expect to see an amazing machine hit showroom floors.

I knew it was gong to be good, but I was somewhat taken back by just how good. This thing sounds like a genuine muscle car with a deep throaty growl, but then when you give it the gas it springs to life with a roar, grumbles and a crackle that’ll send a tickle down your spine. You can hear things clanking and shaking around like a caged Tasmanian devil, the cartoon one, and it’s just begging you to open it up and let it stretch its legs. As excited as I was about the official release of the M8 a few days ago, it just doubled after hearing this.

Also in the video released by cvdzijden, you see the heavily camouflaged M8 take off behind a couple of BMW Ring Taxis. And this is where I noticed something, you don’t hear even the slightest bit of tire screech when the driver gives it the beans. Maybe I’m going out on a limb here but could that tell us it’ll have the same AWD system as the upcoming M5? Hear me out, we know it’s a ridiculously powerful vehicle that’ll have at least 580-600hp if not more. And that’s more than enough to break the tires loose, or at least get a “chirp” when you hammer the throttle like he did both going onto the track and towards the end of the video. Granted, maybe he has the traction control on, or is using a comfort transmission setting or some other electronic nanny. But if you were handed the keys to that car in that circumstance where it’s in a test phase in general, as well as specifically testing for the Nurburgring 24, you’d think they would have all that stuff turned off. Again, this is pure speculation, but you have to admit there is some sense of logic there.

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