Building a drift car is somewhat pointless when you really think about it. They aren’t faster or better handling than a regular sports car, so you’ll see no benefit when taking them out to a track day. But yet when it comes to the badassery scale, they’re hard to beat. The reason being is that very few motorsports are as visually appealing because you have the massive amounts of tire smoke, powerful high strung engines bouncing off the rev-limiter and plenty of sideways power slide action that will no doubt tickle the fancy of every moto enthusiast on the planet.

There are quite a few cars that are popular in the drift world, but it seems like one of the most popular is the older BMW’s like the E46 M3. Even though the straight six that came stock in the E46 is considered one of the top ten engines ever built, it’s not quite powerful enough to be a drift car in most circumstances. So its fairly common to see them with LS V8’s swapped in its place, which is somewhat sacrilegious to hardcore BMW enthusiasts. But with that being said, nobody can argue with the glorious noise that comes from these tuned V8’s.

A prime example of that is this particular M3 driven by the “Badass Latvian” Kristaps Bluss in the drift short film by robyworks. Kristaps took his 820hp M3 out to a sea port and put on quite the display of car control and drift skills that could only be matched by the godfather of these Gymkhana style videos, Ken Block. While it might not be on the level of Block’s Gymkhana videos, it’s still incredibly entertaining to watch. Especially when you have the roar of that V8 as the soundtrack.

Photo: imgur
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Photo: tumblr
Photo: tumblr

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