By now Ken Block has single-handedly brought Gymkhana to all of our attention. But did you know there is a motorcycle equivalent? And while it’s not all donuts and tire smoke it is definitely just as entertaining.

Gymkhana has a long history, dating all the way back to the horses of Genghis Khan. Back then they would compete on horseback, picking up small flags scattered strategically around a field. But now because of Ken Block’s Hoonigan style, most Americans picture Gymkhana as lots of smoke and donuts around a hot dog cart. While it’s extremely fun to watch, its pretty far fetched from what Gymkhana actually looks like. Traditional Gymkhana in a car has the driver maneuvering a tight cone course, doing everything from figure eights to full stop and reverse sections. All as fast as possible. Crazy stuff.

When it comes to motorcycle Gymkhana it is much more finesse than brute burnouts and sliding around. The pilot must have absolute bike control, making a point to be as strategic as possible while trying to maintain enough speed to stay competitive. Anyone that has ridden a motorcycle knows it can be extremely difficult to maneuver at low speeds, let alone the way these guys do.

Check it out for yourself, see what you think. The low-speed control stunt riders and now Gymkhana riders have is just as impressive as those skills seen in the likes of World Superbike, just in a different form. Having ridden a motorcycle fast and slow I can appreciate this talent immensely. Enjoy.

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