Here at Moto Networks we constantly find ourselves having an internal struggle on whether electric vehicles are able to live up to our petrol powered high standards. I mean, they have gotten much faster which does help their cause, but there are still a few elements missing from even the fastest electric cars. So maybe speed isn’t the answer, maybe it’s something else entirely.

Morgan is well known for both its cars and its famous 3 wheel reverse trike. But they are taking the plunge into the new world of electric vehicles with a model that could revolutionize the industry as we know it. No it’s not the fastest. It doesn’t even boast the most expansive range. Yet it has the one element that every other electric car on the road is missing. And it has it in droves. Pure unadulterated style.

Morgans new EV3 is the reverse trike of the future. Styling trends are stolen from the fabulous V-twin three wheeler we know and love, but with a modern twist that sets it apart from everything else on the road. It also happens to be a groundbreaking move for Morgan, with several features that have never been offered by the small British company before. One of the most significant of which is the all carbon fiber body. This allows the EV3 to be lighter than its forefathers, aiding in performance and range.

Another distinctive change for the EV3 from the Morgans of old is the motor location that’s been moved to the back of the vehicle, giving the EV3 a much better weight distribution. To stay in line with the aesthetic we know and love, Morgan designed a beautiful set of brass cooling fins that reside where the engine used to be. These fins allow for better cooling of the EV3 batteries, adding functionality to their impressive style.

Speaking of performance, let’s talk about what this little tripod can do. The electric motor only produces an underwhelming 61hp, with your typical instant electric torque. This combination gets the EV3 up to a top speed of 90mph. Not overly impressive. The system does boast a 150-mile range, which isn’t bad for an electric vehicle of this caliber. The EV3 features two modes, Eco and Sport. Eco offers regenerative braking and limited throttle response to extend your range as far as possible. Sport turns both these features off, allowing for a much livelier driving experience. Keep in mind this isn’t a performance vehicle, it’s anything but. Yet it’s by far one of the coolest electric vehicles I have ever seen, and that is something that should be noted.

The EV3 is 1930 going on 3000. It’s both a relic and the future, making it one of the most noticeable machines on the road. The body lines are very much the same as the original Morgan three-wheeler, but with subtle cues that tell you this is no tribute, it’s an evolution. Above the brass cooling fins sits a single off-center headlight. This in itself gives the EV3 unique character. Where a set of sidepipes used to reside is now filled by beautifully crafted air inductions filled with more brass cooling fins. The EV3 still features the dual headlight setup like the original Morgan although they new reside much lower with custom covers, filling in the gap left by the lack of an engine up front.

The EV3 follows the original Morgan’s footprints when it comes to interior. It features that same doorless open cockpit that enthusiasts have enjoyed for centuries, with a few changes to go with its futuristic vibe. For starters, there is no need for a shifter because of its new electric power. Instead, they have built a new custom dash full of analog style gauges and a beautifully crafted ‘R-N-D’ center switch which is used to select your driving mode. The control toggles are all finished in brass to match the cooling fins. To finish it all off Morgan has outsourced its steering wheels from a hot rod shop here in the States, because only a 40’s Ford steering wheel would be fitting for this future hot rod.

The entire package drips with style in a way no other electric vehicle has. Hell, it does so in a way not many vehicles in general have. The EV3 is anything but fast, yet it wins in so many other categories it makes me wonder if we are currently missing the point in our pursuit for electric perfection. There are a plethora of impressive electric cars on the market currently, yet I would drive the EV3 over all of them in an instant. It has an innate quality that the masses currently lack, it is truly the only electric car with soul.