The Toyota GT86 has become incredibly popular with tuners all over the world, and it seems like once a month another incredible build surfaces that is better than the last. The platform is ideal for an upgrade build because right from the factory the GT86 is lightweight, rear wheel drive, and it’s essentially the same car as the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S, so parts are readily available. However, it was the slightly underpowered 2.0L boxer four that left moto enthusiasts wanting more. So when pro drifter Ryan Tuerck debuted his GT86 that had a V8 from a Ferrari 458 wedged under the hood, everyone thought that it was the ultimate representation of the car. And it was. Until now.

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Word is coming out of Emirates Custom Show in the UAE that K.K. Performance has built an 86 that will make Tuerck’s GT4586 look like it was built by amateurs. Apparently bigger is better in the UAE based shop, because they decided to one up the Ferrari V8 by shoe-horning a V12 under the hood. It’s not a very common V12, but a V12 nonetheless. It’s the 5.0L 1GZ-FE V12, which is the only V12 made by Toyota. It powers Toyota’s Japanese flagship car, the Century, which also comes in the form of a limousine. Even though it’s a V12, it only produces approximately 276hp and that’s not much of an improvement over the 200hp that comes in the stock GT86.

Obviously, this is where things get a lot more interesting regarding this new V12 build. To compensate for the lack of power, the brilliant minds at K.K. Performance decided to take things up a notch, or four. They strapped a total of four turbochargers to that Toyota V12 and in doing so, they drastically upped the power output. Even conservative estimates indicate this thing will be producing at least 800hp and has the potential for a lot more if they turn up the boost. That should be more than enough to reduce a brand new set of rear tires to a pile of dust without even breaking a sweat.

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Not only is the power from this new build incredibly appealing, but the overall look of the car matches the performance. The engine bay is as beautiful as it is powerful with the red accents scattered throughout. And the contrast of that gorgeous blue paint job makes this car scream “look at me” from every angle. K.K. Performance also fitted the car with a wide body kit to give it that more aggressive look. And it appears as if they changed the front end entirely to resemble something you would see on a Lexus here in the United States. It all comes together to create one mean looking car that would be a guaranteed hit at almost any car show in the world.

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