At first glance, you might think this is the same SUV that literally embarrassed the Porsche 918 during the season finale of the Grand Tour. Technically, you would be partially correct. It is a Nissan Patrol that has an absolutely ridiculous amount of power, but this one has four doors where the other had only two. This particular example also has four of something else where the other only had two, turbochargers. That’s right, under the hood of what might be the new king of the ultimate sleepers sits a massive engine with a total of four turbochargers!

The Patrol seen on the Grand Tour had a twin turbo GTR motor that had been tuned to produce an estimated 2500hp, this new Patrol raises the bar yet again. The goal of the car was to produce at least 3,000hp, but they wanted to do it in a way that hasn’t been done before. So what better way than to slap four turbos on it and hope for the best. The engine taking all the boost appears to be a 454 cubic inch LS V8 and it sounds like that’s what the guy says in the video, but it wasn’t clear audio so that is not for certain. Can you even imagine how big of a rush, and how fun it must be to get behind the wheel of something like this and smash the gas? I mean your talking about putting out the same amount of power as a pro-mod drag car, in a big old SUV that has enough room to fit at least three of your friends in. So if you’ve ever wondered what the ultimate sleeper SUV looks like, I think it’s just been found. We’re hoping to see this incredible machine in action before long because something tells us that it’s going to be pretty special.

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