When it comes to motorcycle road racing there’s nothing that compares with the FIM MotoGP series. It’s the “Formula 1” of motorcycle racing, where the top riders in the world race the fastest and most powerful prototype motorcycles available. It’s not to be confused with the World Superbike Championships that uses slightly slower and heavier bikes, closer resembling what you see on the street. There are many talented riders that compete in the MotoGP series, but one in particular that sets himself apart from all the others. That of course, is Marc Marquez.

Even though he’s not quite 25 years old yet, Marquez has had quite the career so far. Just a few months ago he won his fourth consecutive M Award which honors the fastest qualifier throughout the season. And while it’s not race related, just last month he rode his Honda RC213V MotoGP bike on a ski slope in Austria. It required hundreds of long metal spikes fitted to the tires, but he pulled it off and became the first to do so.

What really sets Marquez apart from all the rest is his “go big or go home” racing mentality. He’s not afraid to quite literally lay it all out on the line at each and every race. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a lot of respect for MotoGp, but I’ve never been a been a huge fan or followed the series closely. But Mr. Marquez is doing his best to change my opinion on that, as well as many others I’m sure. His willingness to lean so far into turns that he nearly drags his face on the pavement is fascinating. Especially when you consider that the average speed of a MotoGp race is estimated at 110mph and can reach top speeds of 215mph.

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with Marquez’s work, I came across this highlight reel that will absolutely blow your mind. It contains the most mesmerizing super slow mo footage of Marquez leaning and sliding around corners. Even if you’re a diehard MotoGP fan, or even a pro rider yourself, you won’t be able to look away. You see all the minor adjustments that Marquez does in order to maintain the delicate balance required to go around corners at speeds sometimes over 100mph. Prepare to be impressed.