When rumors first started flying around the web that the new special edition Lamborghini Huracan had just set the record lap time a the Nurburgring, people mainly disregarded it because it seemed unrealistic. But low and behold Lamborghini shocked the word when the Performante crushed the Porsche 918’s record by a full five seconds with a new lap record of 6 minutes 52 seconds. That time is so good it’s almost unbelievable, to the point that claims of foul play and video trickery were ramped, which Lamborghini quickly disproved. As good as the time was, there’s one car that’s had its sights set on the lap record and that is the McLaren P1 LM. And after being spotted at full throttle with none other than the talented race car driver Kenny “Full Attack” Brack behind the wheel, the rumor mill is in full effect in regards to record lap times.

If there ever was a car capable of dethroning the new Performante with its high-tech aerodynamics, it would be the P1 LM. And that must constantly weigh on the shoulders of the current record holder knowing that at any time, word could come out about a new record. As a reminder, the P1 LM is basically a track-only P1 GTR that’s been converted into a street legal beast by a company called Lanzante and their motorsport program, hence the “LM.” The best part about it is that somehow Lanzante managed to make the GTR street legal without sacrificing performance. That means the 3.8L twin turbo V8 combined with the help of electric motors with a total of 986hp is still available at your beck and call. Not to mention its own fair share of aerodynamic improvements to help keep it planted while cornering at speed. We first heard rumors of Lanzante’s interest in setting a new lap record at the famous Nurburgring with the P1 LM back in August and that was just weeks after it actually set a new lap record at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. But that was the last we heard of these cars at the Ring until just days ago when Brack was spotted giving the P1 LM all it had. Brack was the driver behind the wheel for that record run at the F.O.S. So he’s obviously no stranger to pushing these incredible cars to the limits.

While nothing official has come out quite yet, there are multiple reports from trusted automotive publications that they have unnamed sources that are throwing around claims of a 6 min 48 second lap time. Which of course would beat the current record by a full 4 seconds, which is a ton of time in a sport that’s often won or lost by tenths or even hundredths of a second. And based on seeing and hearing that gorgeous hypercar fly by on kill mode with the sparks flying as Kenny’s pushing the old girl to her limits, it would not be surprising in the slightest. It’s a wonder what’s taken them so long to do as far as I’m concerned. But what can I say, I love that P1 and I look at the P1 LM being the best of both worlds with unmatched track performance of a P1 GTR in a street-legal package. We look forward to more info coming out about what’s fact and what’s fiction in this whole ordeal. But one thing’s for sure, it’s definitely possible.


Photo: topsy.one

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