Ah Lotus. It doesn’t get more British than the quirky little sports car manufacturer. They have spent years fine tuning their cars to perfection, with each model nudging out the last by a fraction. The new GT430 is no different, yet it’s possibly the most amazing car Lotus has brought us in a long time.

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While the Evora has been in production since 2010 it has never truly wowed the moto world. It has always appeared as just a larger Elise with the engine from a Toyota Camry. Not an appealing combination. On top of that the original only had 276hp with a curb weight over 3,000lbs. Really the only thing the Evora had going for it was the fact that it’s a gorgeous car to look at.

So in typical Lotus fashion they started chipping away, cutting weight where they could and increasing power when it was available. Fist came the Evora S which received a power jump of 69 ponies thanks to a supercharger. Then came the Evora 400, which received another 55hp, taking the grand total to 395hp. Now we are talking. This boost in power came from swapping to an Edelbrock supercharger and the addition of intercooling. The 400 also received a redesigned body, allowing for more downforce at only a 25lb weight deficit.

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Then came the 410. As you guessed it, it had a whopping power increase of 10hp. The big thing about the Evora 410 was the fact that it dropped 150lbs, taking its 0-60 time to just under 4 seconds. With the 410 we thought Lotus had taken the Evora as far as it could possibly go. We were very wrong.

Enter the Evora GT430. Now that supercharged 3.5-liter V6 is churning out another 20hp, bringing the grand total up to 430. Just like the 410 Evora Lotus simultaneously dropped the total weight another 150lbs. That makes the Evora 430 300lbs lighter with 154hp more than the stock Evora. Not bad. But where the GT430 really shines is in all the newly equipped goodies. The GT430’s hidden features come in form of a full titanium exhaust system, a low inertia flywheel for better response and the rear LSD has been upgraded. And that body. mhmm. Exposed carbon as far as the eye can see, and a ton of downforce to go with it. When run through its paces the GT430 will be glued to the asphalt with an impressive 550lbs of downforce thanks to that new bodywork.

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And the GT430’s high tech body doesn’t stop there either. The front splitter has been redesigned, allowing for better airflow through the wheel wells, reducing turbulence in the process. The rear diffuser has been upgraded as well, allowing air to disperse from the rear wheel wells as quickly as possible. Combined these changes have given the Evora GT430 the best Aero profile of any road going Lotus ever built.

Performance is also on point, with 0-60 times sitting in the 3.7-range. Combined that with a top speed of 190mph and you have a real rocket on your hands. Lotus has targeted their performance at the phenomenal Porsche Cayman GT4, which it easily surpasses. The only problem is the cost. You are going to spend 911 money on Cayman performance just to have that yellow Lotus badge, and that is anything but ideal. To get your hands on the GT430 your are going to need to shell out just under $150,000 USD, which could easily put you into a 911 GT3. Ouch.

One thing can be said, the Evora GT430 is absolutely gorgeous. While common sense would have you buying a GT3, your heart and soul would likely be screaming for the GT430. All a testament to that wonderful styling found in the Evora GT430’s carbon body. Looks aren’t always the answer, but if they were we would have a clear winner.

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