Lee Noble, of Noble Automotive, is back at it and this time he’s developing a new type of track weapon. Under the banner name Specialised Sporting Vehicles, Noble is planning a ferociously fast track car. But don’t worry, it will still be street legal.


The car in question already has a name, being dubbed the Exile. Noble is looking to make the Exile a real player with a projected power to weight ratio of 515-hp per-metric-ton. This could potentially put the Exile into supercar territory with the likes of the McLaren P1 or Ferrari LaFerrari. With rumors of 0-60 anywhere from 2.4-2.9 seconds and a top speed approaching 190mph, I like the sound of the Exile.

The Exile will derive its power from a 3.5-liter turbo V6 sourced from Ford. Sound familiar? Yup, same engine as the Ford Raptor. Oh and also this Ford GT supercar that everyone keeps talking about. Sounds like a recipe for fun. While no word of which transmission the Exile will get, it is said it will be a proper manual only car.


The body will be a blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass, keeping both weight and cost down. The chassis will be an aluminum tub and tubing system, with front and rear space frames. As far as layout, the Exile is a mid-engine rear wheel drive platform, lending to the best track performance they can get. The Exile will also feature a removable targa style top that can be stowed under the hood.

This will be Lee Nobles first project since leaving Noble Automotive in 2009, but he doesn’t plan on a rapid expansion. Lee’s vision for Specialised Sporting Vehicles is a small production of 15-20 cars a year, with a small amount of expansion set around different models. Noble does plan on eventually producing a car that will one up the Radical RXC, but that will be down the road. Right now they are focused entirely on the Exile.

While it’s still in a testing phase, the car appears to be coming together nicely. With such a small run planned you would expect the Exile to be absurdly expensive, but the truth is it will be relatively affordable for its target price range. Like a P1 at 10% of the cost. That is definitely something I can get behind.


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