The old Land Rover Discovery is a fairly cool truck by itself, but this one is on another level. Not only has this particular “Landy” been converted for use as a rally car, but it has the spectacular 3.0L inline six cylinder engine from a Euro-spec E36 M3 under the hood that’s churning out over 350hp. How random, yet awesome is that?

Apparently, it took over 5 years to complete this Frankenstein Landy, and while the M3 motor might be the shining star of the build, there’s a long list of other upgrades and parts sourced from other vehicles that come together to make something that’s truly one of a kind. Some of the other upgrades worth noting are the viscous coupling system from a Porsche 911 C4S that sends power to the front wheels while the original Land Rover drive system powers the rear. For the driving purists out there, it has a five-speed manual transmission that’s been upgraded with close ratios and short throw shifter to make that feeling of rowing through the gears ever more exhilarating.

As I mentioned, this is a rally car, like a real deal full blown race car that’s been used in a few rallies throughout the United Kingdom. And even with the M3 motor and parts of a Porsche drivetrain, it’ll take quite a bit more to make this old girl competitive. So the owner managed to drastically reduce the weight, while also strengthening the chassis to handle the brutal conditions one can experience during a rally stage. Another major upgrade to this unique vehicle is the new suspension system, which includes Fox coilovers in the front, and King coilovers with triple bypass shocks in the rear. That provides as much as 14 inches of travel, which for the record is more than you’ll find in the 2017 Ford Raptor.

There’s quite a bit more that went into this crazy build, but what might be the most important thing I want to point out, is that it’s currently for sale! It’s listed on eBay in the U.K and if you can believe it, the current price is only £7,500, or roughly $9,500 USD.

Check out this short clip of the Discovery in action, and listen to the glorious sound coming from that inline 6.

Photos: eBay