The naturally aspirated 5.2L V10 that powers the Lamborghini Gallardo and Huracan, as well as the Audi R8 V10 Plus, is one of the best engines on the market today. Not only is it incredibly powerful with as much as 610hp in stock form, but it’s also somewhat bulletproof. And that makes it the perfect starting platform for some of the most talented tuning shops in the world to build off of. There are countless examples of the V10 being fitted with a twin turbo system that pushes the power ratings well above 2,000hp. Just a few months back, a TT Huracan built by Underground Racing set a new world record by hitting 250mph in a half mile sprint. And now Heffner Performance, which is another highly respected speed shop based out of Florida, is building what they are calling the “LamboKart,” and it has the potential to be something every moto enthusiast dreams of.

It’s still in the process of being built, so we don’t have all the details on it quite yet, but what we do know is more than enough to make you wish it was yours. The idea was to create the baddest go-kart on the planet that would also be street legal and since Heffner specializes in Lamborghinis, they thought the Gallardo was a perfect candidate. The first thing they did was remove the body entirely so all that remained was a rolling chassis.

The Gallardo is a gorgeous car with the sleek and sexy body lines that most of us have been fascinated with since the days of the Countach, but seeing this “LamboKart” with the body removed looks incredible and makes it so you don’t even miss those body lines we’re so fond of. That’s because what remains is the minimalist look that you see on something like the Ariel Atom or Polaris Slingshot where you can look down and see all the moving parts doing what they are supposed to be doing. Which is weird when you first climb into one, but yet you quickly fall in love with it based on our time spent in the Slingshot.

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However, Heffner didn’t do this for cosmetic reasons. They did it because that sheds a tremendous amount of weight from the car and less weight is always a good thing when talking about a high-performance supercar. And I do mean high-performace. Heffner is one of the few shops that can compete with Underground Racing in regards to installing twin turbo systems on a Lamborghini. For the LamboKart, they opted to use twin TiAL Sport Turbos and while we don’t have exact power figures just yet, it’s safe to assume it’ll at least be up in the 1,000+hp range, if not pushing over 2,000hp. Heffner claims this one of a kind build weighs in at just 2,500lbs, almost a thousand less than a stock Gallardo, and that means no matter how much power it makes we are talking about a serious power to weight ratio.

To my understanding, all of the working parts of the Gallardo will remain so this “go-cart” will still have all wheel drive, supercar level brakes and handling. It’s like the best of both worlds. The one drawback of not having the streamlined body is the aerodynamic efficiency. To combat that, Heffner installed a massive rear wing and diffuser to provide much-needed downforce to help the car, or kart actually, maintain traction when under hard acceleration. And to keep the nose planted when blasting through turns, they installed a front splitter that should do the trick.

The LamboKart will be done later on this year and it should be everything you want it to be, and more. Heffner Performance could really be on to something here, especially because they are claiming it will also remain street legal. We will be on the lookout for any more information on it as it becomes available. One thing is for sure, if it’s as good as it appears to be, I foresee a lot more of these popping up at airstrip attacks and street car shootouts held all over the world.

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Photo: heffnerperformanceFB

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