A while back we brought you one of the most unique vehicles to ever grace the pages of Moto Networks. They call it the Batmobile 2.0 by Team Galag and they used it in last year’s Gumball 3000 rally. This isn’t a silly kit car that was made by a diehard comic book fan either. This is a real deal badass car worthy of the Batmobile title. I say that because underneath all the massive cosmetic additions sits a Lamborghini Gallardo.

The car was built by a Swedish car design firm called Caresto, and as you can see they do fantastic work. Even though this thing is massive, it’s still fairly nimble due to having the exterior built using carbon fiber and other lightweight materials. But again, the most important part is the Lamborghini Gallardo underneath. And this incredible one of a kind machine has resurfaced and this time it’s out playing on a frozen lake. A Lucky chap by the name of Alex who works with Car Throttle was handed the keys to the Lambo Batmobile. Alex was on a mission with one goal in mind. Can it drift?

Photo: caradisiac

There’s no question that a Gallardo can drift on any surface at any time. With its 5.2L V10 that produces 552hp providing the power, getting the back end to break loose is not a problem. However, the Batmobile 2.0 is massive, significantly larger than the Lambo it was built on. It slightly resembles a tank driving down the road it’s so wide.

Because it’s such a bulky car it will make drifting the beast a little more difficult. But I must say, successful or not, the end results look spectacular when it all comes together. So what’s your guess. Will the Batmobile get sideways under a controlled drift? Or will it squirm around aimlessly? Click here to learn what we know about the Lambo Batmobile 2.0.

Photo: largus, gtspirit, autogespot

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