It seems as if the street racing scene has blown up in popularity over the past few years. Street races have been taking place on back roads and sometimes from stop light to stop light since the beginning of the automobile. But as of lately, you are starting to see cars on the streets that you would normally only see at the track, cars purpose built for drag racing producing well over 2000hp. If you’ve seen the show Street Outlaws on the Discovery Channel the name Kye Kelly probably rings a bell. He drives the jet black pro mod Camaro that has dominated competitions across the country winning almost every single race he enters, almost.

The Shocker at Outlaw Armageddon
The Shocker at Outlaw Armageddon

Since there is usually a good amount of money on the line with these races, as high as $50,000 at some cash days events, the racers are really secretive about what they have going on in the car. Very rarely will you get them to divulge any information on the car as far how much power, tuning setups, and other important information. But every once in a while you can get little tidbits that give you an idea of just how crazy these cars really are. One that I caught recently was from none other than Kye Kelley and his gorgeous Shocker Camaro. Its no secret that he has a massive 638 cubic inch motor under his carbon fiber hood with a monster 10 inch scoop. But of all the times he has been on the Street Outlaws, and on his own now spin off Street Outlaws New Orleans, I have never heard him mention anything about how much nitrous he sprays other than using two kits. In a recent video released by 1320 video, Kye races a guy by the name of Birdman that has a twin turbo Firebird, that warrants a full discussion also but I will get to that another time. There was a short interview before the final race where Kye gets asked “how much are you spraying” to which he replied with a mind bending “900”. No wonder this guy is dominating.

The whole video is great, showcasing Bridmans badass Firebird, but Kye starts talking bout his car at 2:10


I had to watch this a couple times to make sure that my ears weren’t deceiving me, by 900 he meant a 900hp shot! That’s like having the power of two Stingray Corvettes available at the touch of a button, well I assume two buttons since there are two kits. That is of course on top of a race built 638 cubic inch monster block that by itself most likely puts out well over 1000hp. Now granted he may not be using a full 900 shot every time he runs, sometimes he might even use far less. He also could be using a lot more though too. Its just crazy to think that these guys are considering these to be “street cars” when they have wheelie bars, parachutes, tube chassis and in some cases more power than two Bugatti Chiron’s combined all while weighing roughly half the weight of one Chiron. That is a lot to wrap your brain around for a street car. They usually run eighth mile races and its not uncommon for guys to run about 4 seconds at close to 200mph. That is straight hauling ass.


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  1. Robert ganger

    What ever happened to good old drag racing, if you dont have mega bucks, or someone in you pocket with mega you cant race, i hate nos i am 73 yrs old i have na 472 sbc in a two wheeldrive samurai, it run steady 5.40 in 1/8 @ 144 mph i drive this car on a lot cruises woodard, hines park, telegraph, you name it , i would like to see any of those cars do that, i will run them but we drive 100 miles then line up and run, we wil see how much of a street car they are.Ro

  2. Man i stay in Charlotte NC and im hooked on the shows as long as they have been playinf from the first season. Yall need to start advertizing your events so that fans can get in the stands!!! It will sellout every time. I just saw where the no preps were in Dunn NC. I couldbe been there man! Its only an hour from me. Ill never make it to New Orleans or far off states. START ADVERTIZING WHERE THE RACES ARE PLEASE!!!!

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