By now I’m sure you have heard that to get your hands on the new Ford GT you must first qualify to own such a prestigious car. And to do so you had to have a slew of qualifying factors including the ability to show it off to the masses that weren’t allowed to buy one themselves. Well, who else is more qualified to own and show of the GT than Jay Leno? I can think of no one better…

Jay Leno’s Garage is one of the better motoring shows currently in circulation. The long-time talk show host has a great platform where he is able to share his passion for the automotive world. Whether he is interviewing someone from the industry or hosting on his own, Leno has a way of making the show entertaining every episode. In this particular episode Jay laments about his newest purchase, the famed Ford GT. Jay took his delivery of his GT earlier this week and in typical Leno fashion has already racked up over 1000 miles driving around California. He’s already driven his GT more in a week than most GT’s will get driven their entire life. I also love how Jay talks about servicing it, all from the viewpoint of someone that does it himself.

It’s also great to hear about the car from the perspective of someone that actually drives it, and not just a demo drive either. Day in and day out driving it like it’s their personal vehicle because, well it is. Once that romantic first drive is out of the way you inevitably start to hear and see things that you didn’t before. You are no longer blinded by pure excitement. Jay points out the little noises that come along with driving essentially a road-going race car.

More than anything this episode showcases Jay’s true automotive passion. He really geeks out over this GT, going well in depth of the entire process of buying one then further into what it takes to actually own and drive it. Leno’s Garage is always entertaining but this one is particularly awesome, just seeing Jay with that intense passion for his newest toy after all these years is inspiring in itself.

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