Jaguar has been on a tear as of late, making some seriously cool super saloons. And yet they have made waves in the media not with their engines, but instead with the news of their new EV initiative.

Jaguar claims by 2020 all of their production cars will be converted to EV or Hybrid status. That means in 3 short years time the Jaguars we know and love will be dead and gone. It’s kind of an ominous prediction and one that rightfully has enthusiasts shaking in their boots. While I fancy myself an open minded person, 2020 is just too soon. There needs to be a longer transition period, with fire-breathing monsters galore in between. I think Jaguar sensed that with their customers, and they are offering up an olive branch to try to ease the tension.

Jaguar is attempting to mend the gap in the most Jaguar way possible. Fitting its greatest hits, with a backing track. That’s right, Jaguar has just unveiled an all electric E-Type. Thankfully this isn’t some new abomination with the E-Type badge. No, this is a true 60’s E-Type, retro fit with n entirely new drive system. Billed as the E-type Zero roadster, Jaguar has stuffed a 220kW powertrain under the bonnet, which is enough to get this classic up to speed in just 5.5 seconds. On top of that Jaguar claims the E-type Zero has a range of 170-miles. That is actually quite incredible for a package as good looking as an E-Type.

Exterior wise you can’t distinguish the difference without a fine tooth comb and a knack for the obscure. A couple of LED lights are all that really set the Zero and the standard E-Type apart. Unfortunately I wish I could say the same for the interior. For some unknown reason, Jaguar thought it would be a good idea to completely modernize the inside of this retro machine. Now instead of the timeless beauty that is the E-Types interior, we are left with what looks like the by product of a Fast and the Furious knock off. To make matters worse they left the wooden steering wheel, giving this cockpit one of the worst styling clashes ever thought of.

Jaguar also claims that the E-type Zero will be able to fully charge in a matter of 6-7 hours. Once again not bad for a car that is 50 years old. Jaguar has yet to release a price tag for the E-Type Zero, but we don’t expect it will come cheap. My impression is that this will becomes something that Jaguar offers, allowing anyone with Englands most prolific machine to switch off the Dino remains and switch to renewable electricity. Tim Hannig, Chief of Jaguar Classic had this to say, “aim with the E-type Zero is to future-proof classic car ownership. We’re looking forward to the reaction of our clients as we investigate bringing this concept to market.”

The news of an all EV Jaguar line up is nothing but devastating. But if Jag is willing to pull out the stops for a custom E-Type, maybe the future won’t be so bad after all. Now for the love of all things holy, someone please change out that interior.

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