The 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 was popular long before the remake of Gone in 60 Seconds in the year 2000. But there’s no arguing the fact that movie made “Eleanor” the unicorn of the automotive world. Everyone wanted one. It didn’t matter if you were a moto enthusiast or not. However, as with unicorns, Eleanor was extremely difficult to come by and if you were lucky enough to find one you better expect to pay quite handsomely. The kicker is, that’s just to own the 1967 GT500. If you want to own a genuine, real deal, actual “Eleanor”, there’s only one company to call. And I mean that literally.

Believe it or not, Fusion Motor Company based out of Los Angeles is the only “officially licensed” builder of the Eleanor Mustang. Apparently, it has something to do with the copy-write and what not, but that’s not important. What is though, is they will build you one that will look exactly like the one Nicholas Cage jumped halfway across a bridge and left an entire city in turmoil with. Or if you want the same car, but with you own added twist, Fusion will custom build one to your exact specifications.

Photo: fusionmotorco

On their website, you can go through the customization steps picking colors, engines, and many other things. I’ve done it like five times now coming up with multiple variations and I’m having a tough time deciding between the Pepper Grey with black stripes like in the movie, black with Pepper Grey stripes, or the iconic blue but yet a couple shades lighter with white stripes. They give you three other options on the site, but I’m sure if you have exact colors in mind they can probably accommodate you, for a price.

As far as the motor options, it’s really a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned. If you want an Eleanor Mustang, you want it to be on another level on the badassery and performance scales. So when you see an option for a “Roush Fuel Injected Supercharged 750hp V8” that’s when you stop looking and just go on and click that option. But for reporting purposes, and because the other options are by no means bad ones, I’ll go ahead and mention that you do have the option of three other Roush motors. The next best in my opinion would probably the supercharged 5.0 that’s pushing 600hp. If you prefer the naturally aspirated way of producing power, there is the 8-Stack 427 that’s good for 560hp and the 427 SRXE with 430hp. Like I said, there’s not a bad option in the bunch so you can’t really go wrong.

The 560hp 8-stack 427
Photo: fusionmotorco

Getting all that power to the ground requires some finesse. To help with that, you have the option of transmissions, but let’s be honest they didn’t need to because it’s just an option between an automatic or a Tremec manual six speed with a double hydraulic clutch. And only a madman, possibly even a bonafide lunatic, would put an automatic transmission in a masterpiece of a muscle car like that. I went with the aluminum drive shaft connected to the Ford 9-inch with Posi-Traction for the rear end. To ensure this baby sounds as good as it’s going to perform, stainless steel headers and exhaust all the way through, and for a cosmetic touch, the black ceramic coating should look great.

As far as the handling goes, you have your choice of either double or single adjustable coil-over suspension systems. I went with the double because, well it just sounded better and I figure being able to adjust it in two places has got to be better than one. As fast as this monster is going to be, it better have some good brakes. So I went with the 13-inch 6-pistons, but I had to throw in the red calipers. I would want to drive mine as much as humanly possible, so to make it comfortable you can opt for the premium heat and sound deadening on the undercarriage which should make those long drives much more tolerable.

Photo: fusionmotorco

Speaking of the comfort level, the interior and cosmetic touches are next. You get to choose from standard or premium leather packages. I figured why not and went with the premium. Recaro seats for sure, even though the standard low back buckets look fantastic and are somewhat iconic. But like I said this thing is going to be a beast so that added support is another no-brainer. Same with the 4-point harness instead of the lap belts.

Power windows, locks, vintage air conditioning, and keyless entry with ignition too, yes please. Premium sound even though I don’t particularly want the navigation that comes with it. The optional billet hood and trunk hinges are obviously just a cosmetic upgrade that probably cost an arm and a leg and serve no purpose whatsoever, but they look awesome so I went ahead and checked those boxes as well.

Photo: fusionmotorco

There are a few others, but for the most part that’s the basic foundation of questions Fusion wants to know when you’re inquiring about having an Eleanor built. Now we get to the brass tax of it all. I need someone to go ahead and lend me a quarter million so I can place this order and Fusion can get to work on my baby. Most reports indicate that the starting price for a Fusion built ” official” Eleanor is around $190,000. But that will rise at an alarming rate as soon as you start checking boxes, hence why I was looking for the quarter mil.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s a lot of money, but based on the quality of work I’m seeing, Fusion knows what they’re doing and they build some incredible machines. And if you’re in a position where you can logically consider spending that kind of dough on a car, you have to admit it would be a pretty damn good way to spend some money. I’d also like to mention that by no means is Fusion a “one trick pony.” They have a long list of other vehicles in their arsenal.

Official Eleanor badging


Even the calipers get an Eleanor badge
Some cars even get the Rotisserie treatment.

Cars patiently waiting to be turned into someones dream car
The 560hp 8-stack 427
The attntion to detail is spectacular
Photo: fusionmotorco

Photo: fusionmotorco

Photo: fusionmotorco
Coyote 5.0L V8

The quality control machine making sure everything is perfect

Photos: fusionmotorco

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