The Indian Chieftain Limited Series has been off to a cracking start, quickly becoming the fastest-selling Indian bagger in company history. You demanded, and Indian has supplied it. Now they are giving you even more, expanding the color options for the Limited Series.

We told you all about the new Chieftain Limited when it was released in April. Now the Limited is becoming one of Indian’s top selling models, likely due to its killer styling. Thankfully Indian is a brand that listens to their customers, because now you can get the Chieftain Limited in four new colorways. And they absolutely rock.

The new colors are as followed: Silver Smoke.

Star Silver over Thunder Black.

Wildfire Red over Thunder Black.

and last but not least, White Smoke.

Indian is very proud of their brand, but they understand the demand for something a little more modern. Indian’s Director of Marketing, Reid Wilson, perfectly summed up their new approach with the Limited when he said, “With Chieftain Limited, our aim was to deliver a more modern version of the Chieftain with a bit more attitude than its predecessors, and the response from the market has shown that the new design has resonated extremely well with our customers and dealers.” Reid also said, “Considering the significant demand we’ve experienced, the expanded new colorways couldn’t be coming at a better time.”

One of the many reasons we love what Polaris has done with the Indian brand, they listen to their customers. The limited was announced in early April and they are already expanding on what feedback they have gotten from their customers. A brand that listens with a heritage that flows as deep as this will be an absolute force to be reckoned with. Plus the bikes are nothing short of spectacular, which is evident in its success. The new Limited colorways will not come at an extra price hike, keeping the same $24,499 price tag. They will be expected at your local Indian dealer mid June.

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