It seems like there’s quite a few companies across the country that specialize in high-quality, high-dollar restomod builds that take the best and coolest looking old school vehicles and add a modern flare to them. One of which that’s developed quite the name for themselves is the Los Angeles-based company called Icon 4×4. The brainchild behind this particular company is Jonathan Ward and in the restomod world, he’s somewhat of a legend. Icon has a long list of vehicles to its credit, but one of their latest creations is a personal favorite of Jonathan’s, and that’s this particular 1965 Ford F-250.

Jonathan and his crew specialize in making these old school vehicles look as good or better than they were when they left the showroom floor so many years ago. The attention to detail is second to none and no matter where you look, you’re pretty much guaranteed not to find a single flaw. That’s of course where the “resto” in restomod comes into play. And that’s all fine and dandy, but as hardcore moto enthusiasts we care more about the “mod” aspect, and in the case of this 1966 F-250, it has something pretty special. However, as a warning, if there are any Ford “purists” out there you might have a bit of a problem with this next bit. That’s because powering this beast is none other than a Cummins diesel.

And not just any Cummins diesel, it happens to be the highly sought after 5.9L that’s believed to be one of the most powerful and reliable examples of the Cummins motors. The purists out there will have a major problem with that because Cummins are usually powering Dodges. Jonathan sourced the engine from a low mileage donor Dodge 3500 MegaCab and then added his own flavor to it and the end result is nothing short of extraordinary.

During the build process, this project developed the name “Six-Pack” which is simply because it can comfortably seat 6 people inside of it. What sets Icon vehicles apart from others like it, is the high-quality materials used and the fit and finish the end result produces. The interior, for example, has been completely redone with red leather and plaid inserts that really make the interior pop. Which is interesting because looking at the exterior, it was designed and built with a great deal of subtlety. You’d really have to know what to look for in order to pick this beast out of a lineup.

Jonathan is so proud of this particular truck that he wanted to be the one to give a full review of it on video. He breaks the build down to the finest detail and gives you the full rundown on jut what it takes to make a restomod look and perform this good.

Photo: motortrend
Photo: motortrend