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In case you haven’t seen the news in the past week or so, there are some serious floods taking place in Houston Texas and the surrounding suburbs right now. Apparently places like the Woodlands, North of Houston where I used to live, are mostly underwater. But that doesn’t stop people from driving right into the water thinking they will be able to make it, and in most cases that ends with the car completely submerged and the occupants now need to be rescued off the roof of the car. These floods are no joke, as of the writing of this there have been at least five deaths, four of which were people attempting to drive through the flooded areas.


But those rules do not apply when you are driving a Hummer H1 that was built to be able to withstand water coming up over the hood of the truck. Especially if you have done a little work to it with lifts, bigger tires, agressive bumpers, etc. That was absolutely the case in this video where you can see water coming up to the windshield but the hummer keeps on moving like its no big deal. Now this guy isn’t just out having a good time with his awesome rig, the owner was apparently trying to deliver some food to handicapped mother who had been stranded.


PHOTO: evsh1.com
PHOTO: evsh1.com

This is not your everyday Hummer H1. It was built by EVS motor company and their sister brand, Search and Destroy, which specializes in making the H1 even more capable than it already is. These guys are making some of the sickest H1’s available on the market today.

It appears as though they have three different levels, or tiers, of customization they offer. Tier 1 has just about every possible upgrade you could think of, and maybe even some that you wouldn’t think of. For example, there is a full 360 degree lighting system that is so bright it supposedly would be able to light up a football stadium, thermal imaging camera that can detect any animal or human, even in the darkness of night. There is also a full 360 degree camera system to help aid you in those really tight spots off road. Plus its lifted 4 inches, has front and rear 12,000lb winches and so much more.

EVS and the Search and Destroy team will build you one to your exact specifications but its not gonna come cheap. The Tier 1 build is listed as $250,000 but I’m sure the price will vary depending on what you want added to the already impressive upgrade list.

PHOTO: evsh1.com
PHOTO: evsh1.com

This is the full length video showing a full 18 minutes of this incredible hummer.


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