Now that the spring weather is rolling in, it’s time for car events to start back up all over the country. One of which is the TX2K17 event held in Texas, which features everything from traditional drag racing events to roll racing, and everything in between. You’ve probably already heard about the highlights from the traditional drag event when the Alpha G GTR became the first GTR to break into the 6 second quarter mile time. So we wanted to showcase some of the highlights from the roll racing event.

This year, like many in the past, the event was dominated by the twin-turbo Lamborghini’s. Specifically, the ones coming from the Underground Racing camp. We have featured numerous UR vehicles here at Moto Networks and they never cease to amaze. They’ve come up with the magic formula to turn the already powerful 5.2L V10 that powers the Gallardo, Huracan, and even the Audi R8, into a fire-breathing monsters capable of producing upwards of 2000-2500hp. A lot of that is thanks to a highly sophisticated twin-turbo system that not only makes the cars ridiculously fast, but also makes them sound absolutely fantastic.

How a Roll Race works is fairly self-explanatory. Rather than starting from a dead stop based on timing lights, also known as “the tree”, competitors start from a target “rolling” speed of 60-65mph. The TX2K17 Roll Race takes place on the Royal Purple Raceway drag strip. Two cars line up at the traditional starting line, and they have a total of 400 feet to pace each other at approximately 60-65mph before they reach what’s called the “green zone.” Once both cars are in the green zone a starter will trigger a green light, which of course means go. The competitors then run flat out for 1,500 feet until they reach the finish line before jumping on the brakes with 2,200 feet to slow down before the end of the track. That seems like a long distance, but when you’re traveling at over 200mph you need ever foot possible. The first car to the finish line wins. Here are the highlights.