The Nissan GTR has set it’s fair share of world records, such as the fastest drift, and numerous quarter mile times. Now it can add yet another record to that collection, and I’ll admit it’s a rather unique one. It now holds the record for the world’s largest outline of a country by an automobile.

In celebration of the 68th Republic Day in India, professional Rally Driver Rahul Kanthraj, teamed up with Nissan to carve out a detailed outline of the country that was 1.86 miles long and 1.74 miles wide. The overall length around the edges was just over 9 miles long, to give some perspective of the size. They went out to a dry section of Sambhar Lake and using GPS mapping they were able to lay down checkpoints that Kanthraj could use to create the outline. According to reports, he had to do multiple laps in order for the drones to catch it all in one shot. That means he had to be spot-on perfect with every turn because one little mistake would’ve messed up the entire thing. Representatives from the Limca Book of World Records (India’s version of Guinness) were on hand to validate the record and it’s expected to show up in the 2018 edition.