The new 911 GT2 RS is upon us! Well, sort of. The new king of 911’s was announced at a particularly unusual venue, E3 of all places. While it’s not the New York Auto Show it’s still a massive gathering of people. In this case a lot of Motorsports fans due to the popular video game racing series Forza, which also enjoyed a new unveiling of its 7th generation game.

It’s crazy. E3 stands for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, a place where any and all gaming and video geeks can get together and enjoy the new and crazy things coming down the proverbial pipeline. By the way, I use the term geeks with endearment. We in ourselves are all geeks, just of the moto variation. So for them, E3 is like the Geneva Motor Show of electronics. And yet this is where Porsche decided to release its ‘most powerful roadgoing 911 ever.’ All because of a racing game.

Although I shouldn’t say just any racing game, it’s Forza after all. Forza has been one of the best-selling console racing games ever, and the one showcased at this year’s E3 is shaping up to be the best yet. Not only are they expanding on more cars and tracks but with new platforms as well. While Forza has always been exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox it is now looking to come to PC as well. The new Xbox One X is also set to showcase the game/s really big new feature, the graphics.

Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios are claiming that Forza 7 will be the most realistic looking racing sim ever. And the few who have had a chance to try it have been more than willing to agree. And while its graphics are the biggest selling point, Forza 7 isn’t looking to disappoint in any other areas. It will feature over 20 tracks that can be run in 200 different configurations. A new weather system will also come into play making each and every race a unique experience. And if that weren’t enough they have crammed the game full of over 700 different cars, almost doubling the amount found in Forza 6. But possibly the biggest news comes with the inclusion of Porsche in Forza 7, including the newly unveiled 2018 GT2 RS.

The GT2 RS has gone gangbusters since its inception in 2010. It became the most powerful road-going Porsche with a stunning 620hp all while dropping even more weight and being rear wheel drive only. This hardcore 911 was built to crush the mighty Nissan GT-R at the famed Nurburgring Nordschleife. Because of its hardcore roots, it was a small batch car, with only 130 coming stateside. Now we are looking at the 991 GT2 RS, which is the newest body style 911.

The only real warning here is that Porsche did have a representative jump on stage and smother everyone’s excitement. They were quick to announce that this was still a “speculation” of the final GT2 that is set to be out for the 2018 market. This means all numbers and info given on the GT2 is still technically speculation, even if it’s being screamed by every news source until they are red in the face. Yet the biggest unanswered question will be what transmission options will it come with? Likely only in PDK. Disappointment, yes. While it will make the GT2 RS more manageable for those that will be able to afford it, it just seems like a shame not to have the option of a traditional manual transmission.

Luckily for the rest of the world, the GT2 RS will be the cover car for Forza 7, guaranteeing its inclusion in the game. That means you won’t need a loaded Swiss bank account in order to actually drive the GT2 RS. A release is looking to be around early October, which will put it out after all of its current competition. But between Dirt 4, Project Cars 2, and Gran Turismo Sport, Forza 7 is looking to once again be the king of the video game mountain with this new partnership with Porsche.

Now until both are released we will have to get by on videos of both gameplay and spyshots. October couldn’t get here quicker.