The Ford Raptor is without a doubt the baddest production off-road vehicle that has ever been made and we couldn’t be bigger Raptor fanboys here at Moto Networks. We own one. So imagine how disappointed we were to find out that the second gen Raptor, that is scheduled to debut later this fall, will only have a 3.5L Ecoboost V6. The new twin turbo V6 is the same motor that Ford is using in the new GT and that’s putting out over 650Hp, but nobody expects the Raptor version to be anywhere near that horsepower. Ford hasn’t released the exact power figures yet but we are thinking that it wont be much longer until they do. If we had to guess, we’d say in the 500hp range as a best case scenario. We do know for sure it will be more than the outgoing 6.2L V8’s 411Hp.

Photo: caranddriver
Photo: caranddriver

Not only is this new Ecoboost power plant supposed to be substantially more powerful but it’s also supposed to be quite a bit more efficient with projected fuel economy to be as high as 15 city and 21 hwy, which in a full size truck weighing in at almost 6,000lbs and that much potential horsepower on tap, is downright impressive, we will give them that. But people don’t buy Raptors to be fuel efficient and there is just something so terribly wrong with the top of the line, best on the market, baddest ass off road performance truck on the planet, having a V6 under the hood, as powerful as it may be. The sound that comes from a V6 is not one that you’d normally associate with a full size truck, a zippy little sports car is much more fitting. From personal experience, the sounds coming out of one of the outgoing Raptors with the big 6.2L V8 when its started up in the morning might be one of the greatest exhaust notes in automotive history, most definitely if you have done even the slightest exhaust like the example I’m referring to (our is straight piped).


The Ford Performance YouTube Channel released a new short video of the extended cab Raptor smashing through the desert and it looks like an absolute blast. They appear to be pushing the truck pretty hard in the video and it seems to handle it like a champ, just like we would expect it to. Although it’s nothing that the outgoing Raptor isn’t capable of doing either. We still wish the look of the new Raptor was more distinguishable from the regular F-150 but there is no denying that the new body style looks fantastic as its spitting up all kinds of roost. If you listen closely you can hear an exhaust note playing in the background of the video. If we didn’t know any better we would think it was just some random engine noise dubbed into the video like on low budget TV shows. You know what I’m talking about, when the sound doesn’t match the vehicle at all. Sadly though, we have every reason to believe the engine noise you are hearing in the video, although it may be faint and drowned out by the music of the video, is the actual sound our beloved new Raptor will make.


I know for many current Raptor owners, the V6 only option is a complete deal-breaker no matter how much more power it has, and with good reason. We’re not afraid to admit we’re among this group. With some mild modifications the outgoing Raptor can be tuned to have more than 600Hp, so more power can be added if needed. But what cant be added is that feeling you get from driving a full size truck with a mean, grumbly V8 under the hood. Can you imagine the first guy to roll up to a Raptor meet with a truck that sounds like it has the “fart can” exhaust from a Fast and Furious meeting. In my opinion the only way Ford makes up for this blunder is to have at least 600Hp on tap. Anything less won’t make it worth it. Tell us what you think in the comments below… do you think this is what the new Raptor will sound like and how does it sound if so?

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