Apparently, there’s a difference between a moto enthusiast and purist. I would think anyone with a love for anything moto would stop dead in their tracks when seeing an F40 tackling a ski slope, but that’s not the case. There are both Ferrari purists and purists in general that scoff at the thought of a supercar like the beloved F40 being “mistreated” in such a way as rallying it up a bumpy, snowy ski slope. Me personally, I think it would be an absolute blast and would give almost anything to be the one behind the wheel doing the rallying. That tiny but outrageously potent 2.9L twin turbocharged V8 screaming at almost 8,000 RPMs perfectly situated right in the middle of the car right behind the driver compartment just sounds too good pass up, both literally and figuratively.

However I will admit, It would be slightly nerve-racking to hear the necessary tire chains scraping along the perfectly crafted carbon kevlar wheel wells. But then again, what’s a supercar for if not to drive the hell out of it, right? And the owner of this particular F40 most definitely feels the same way because not only was he willing to send his virtually priceless supercar up a ski slope, but also was willing to take it out into the wilderness for an offroad adventure that included traveling down rocky, rutted roads that would make most supercar owners fret with anxiety. As you can tell, the owner of this F40 is a completely moto manic. The best possible kind. If you’re still not convinced, the night before the scheduled filming of the ski slope climb he apparently jumped his Lamborghini off a snow kicker. How cool is this guy?

Photo: jalopnik

When you’re doing something this wild with a car as highly respected and overall badass as the Ferrari F40 it would obviously behoove you to make sure that it was filmed and filmed properly. With Red Bull backing the whole thing that obviously wasn’t a problem. As a matter of fact, the entire run was filmed on either the RED Dragon or ultra high-end Sony, all of which is in 4K.

I applaud this F40 owner for making the most of his supercar experience, no matter what the financial risk associated. But as risky as it might’ve been, I think it’s safe to say that the overall experience and feelings he felt during these stunts he will remember his entire life, where the money will come and go. Bravo F40-San.

Photos:Jalopnik/Kunihisa Kobayashi

Photo: oppositelock


  1. I think it’s easy for you to say considering you’re not the owner of said priceless supercar. Do you really think you would find this enjoyable and would actually do it if you were the owner of this vehicle? I doubt it. Highly doubt it.

  2. Donald, you don’t make sense…clearly, the man who owns the car has no regrets nor is he wracked with guilt or remorse. He is enjoying it, much to your chagrin. Vive la difference.

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