When Ferrari announced they would be making a new hybrid supercar that would be unlike any other back in 2013 it was determined that only 499 examples would be built before production ended. The reason for doing this is to maintain the exclusivity of the car that has a price tag of at least $1.3 million. Ferrari is usually quite strict about these sort of things as you may remember from our previous article about Ferrari myths.

Sergio Marchionne Photo: formulapassion
Sergio Marchionne
Photo: formulapassion

Well we are happy to report that Ferrari has stepped up and done something amazing with one of their cars. Ferrari CEO, Sergio Marchionne, recently announced that they would be building the 500th LaFerrari and it would be sold at an auction. The proceeds from that car would go towards helping the victims of a massive 6.2 earthquake that caused havoc in Central Italy on August 24th.

Photo: flipboard
Photo: flipboard

We wanted to point out that this was a brilliant idea. Even though the LaFerrari had an original price of $1.3 million it was very rare for someone to actually pay that, little. There are countless reports of people spending significantly more than that, in some cases it was over $3 million. Now considering this will be the 500th LaFerrari, that originally wasn’t going to be built I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a record number for this purchase. Especially where prospective buyers will know the money they’re spending is going to benefit a lot of people desperately in need of aid. There is no word yet as to when or where the car will be going up for auction, but we are certainly looking forward to see just how much it goes for.

Devastation from the Earthquake  Photo: abcnews
Devastation from the Earthquake
Photo: abcnews

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