Well, the weekend is over which means so is the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It was another great showing for one of the coolest events in England. And even with the great showing of exotic cars and lap after lap of hill climbs, I still can’t manage to get Pikes Peak out of my head. Goodwood may be a great event, but the hill climb pales in comparison to the views you get out of the 12-mile Colorado course. And what better way to watch it then from inside an 850hp Corvette.

This run gives me all sorts of fuzzy feelings. The 12+ mile course dwarfs Goodwood’s by comparison. Although a single pass will last only about 12-minutes or less, it’s easily some of the most awe-inspiring views you will ever get while behind the steering wheel. It comes at you with layers, starting at just over 9,000ft the surrounding is luscious and green. Then once you are approaching the top the landscape turns more barren, with the banks of some sections still covered in snow. It’s a fascinating experience, especially when watched from the cockpit of an American missile.


The Corvette in question was built from a salvaged Z06, all of which was documented over on Jalopnik not that long ago. While I can’t do the story justice like Rob Holland, I can give you the quick and dirty cliff notes. Rob bought a salvaged Z06 at auction for an absurdly good deal. The craziest part? 9 miles on the car. Thanks to a good friend with a car dealer and a keen eye, Rob was able to score a Z06 that was wrecked on its way from the warehouse to the showroom. What a bargain. From there Rob started the tedious journey of turning a stock street legal car into that of a track weapon. Many pitfalls would be had, and Rob documented every single on of them brilliantly.

As all home-brewed race builds go, the Z06 wasn’t done until the night before the competition. Matter of fact the Z06 was so green that it had only completed 6 total laps on a race course before arriving to tackle the grueling hill climb. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, yet it wasn’t. Surprisingly Rob’s Corvette was able to fly up the hill in 10:55.166 earning it a 4th place finish for the 2017 competition and the record as fastest Corvette in history. Not bad for something that may have taken some years off of Rob’s life. The video is supremely entertaining, particularly the view mixed with that great V8 soundtrack. I also really enjoy being able to hear how much the engine started to struggle towards the later stages of the race. Just shows you how thin the air up at 14,000 ft really is.

Check out the 5 part series from Jalopnik right here(1,2,3,4,5).


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