The BMW rumor mill is churning out call kinds of potential facts regarding the upcoming F90 M5. One of the most significant is the possibility that it could come with an all-wheel drive system that would also allow you to send all the power to the rear wheels if you so desired. According to the BMW blog, there are now rumors coming out that the new M5 will be capable of laying down 0-60 times around 3.5 seconds, which is a significant jump over the 4.2 seconds it takes for the current M5.

Granted, we also know the F90 will be coming with a more powerful engine so that in itself might reduce acceleration times, but not that much. Exact figures haven’t been released, but it’s safe to say it’ll be at least 600hp, if not more. And as I’ve mentioned previously, you almost have to have an AWD system when you have that much power just so you can maintain traction.

Take the upcoming M550i xDrive that’s scheduled to hit dealerships in April for example. It’s being marketed as the “fastest 5 series ever made,” and that includes previous M cars. Under the hood will be the same 4.4L twin turbo V8 seen in previous 5 series, only now the power has been increased to 462hp. That combined with the xDrive system are apparently good for 0-60 times around 4 seconds flat.

As an avid BMW enthusiast, I genuinely hope these rumors turn out to be fact, especially the all-wheel drive system. But with a disclaimer, that’s only if you can genuinely control where the power is sent and therefore have the option of sending 100% of the power to the rear wheels. Also how it handles the additional weight of the AWD system, it will be interesting to see how that plays out. Some of you might say that automatically disqualifies me from being a “pure” fan of BMW because what makes them so great is their tried and true formula of front engine, rear wheel drive. Normally I would completely agree, however, I just feel like with that much power, the additional traction would counterbalance any negative characteristics that would come from the additional weight gain.

The F90 M5 is scheduled to debut towards the end of the year so there’s still quite a bit of time for more rumors to continue to come down the pipeline.

Photo: autoevolution
Photo: autoevolution

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