If you’re not already smitten by the Ferrari FXX K then you’ve probably never heard what it sounds like. It’s everything you could ever want in a car that competes on the highest level of performance. It’s a 1,036hp track focused monster that would’ve cost you in excess of $3 million ,if you were one of the lucky 40 people to get the invite to buy one. Since they were all swooped up in a hurry it’s rumored that each one is valued at more than $4 million now. One of those lucky owners is Christine Sloss, wife of Google Executive Benjamin Sloss, and she was spotted out in her bright yellow FXX K doing a few causal laps at a very wet Spa Circuit in Belgium.

We have spoken about the Sloss’ a few times in the past as they are major automotive enthusiasts. Both Benjamin and Christine are avid Ferrari fans and they have a whole list of special editions in their collection, including a glorious 599xx EVO. The stunning bright yellow FXX K was actually a gift to Christine for her birthday. I’m not sure what is cooler; getting an FXX K for your wife, or having a wife that would want one. Either way, this is one badass couple. They actually played a huge part in debunking one of the myths about FXX ownership by announcing you absolutely could take your FXX car home if you desired, whereas before it was believed that Ferrari held on to them until they were used next.

The video of Christine out playing with her birthday present is awesome on so many levels. You get to see how attentive the race support team that comes along with ownership of the car. There are technicians checking everything from top to bottom to make sure it’s in tip-top shape. And as soon as she pulls back in and gets out of it, those same techs are jumping back in it to analyze the data, back the car back into the garage, etc. All she has to do is sit there and basque in the glory of the amazing experience she just had.

Then there’s the sound. Sweet mercy, that sound! There has to be only a small handful of cars on the planet that sounds as good as the FXX K. Especially when it’s first started up inside the garage, or when downshifting under heavy braking, and of course at full throttle. This particular day it was raining so Christine was taking it easy but the fact that she was brave enough to take it out at all in those conditions proves just how awesome she really is.

Even though she was just out for a cruise more or less, the FXX K still sends shivers down your spine when it goes by or downshifts. Later on in the video, a pro level driver goes by in a gorgeous black FXX K and they open it up a bit more which shows that just when you thought it couldn’t sound any better, it can and it does.

Yeah, it may cost a small fortune to own a car on this level, and most people couldn’t even fathom paying that much “just for a car.” But as a true moto enthusiast, we know it’s so much more than just a car, its an experience, and a life-changing one at that.

The ultimate supercar enthusiast couple, the Sloss’
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