It should be obvious that a 1500hp 8.0L W16 with four turbochargers should sound pretty damn good right? I’m of course talking about the Bugatti Chiron. There are already countless reports indicating that the Chiron could possibly be the best car the world has ever seen, and we’ve already had a pretty good idea that this one of a kind hypercar would have a spectacular exhaust note. But damn, the more I hear this thing the more of a beast I think it is.

One thing that really surprised me is how much turbo noise you hear in the car. Granted with four of them you should probably expect to hear those babies spool up, but it seems much more prominent than expected. If you remember from our previous reports, while the engine in the Chiron is similar to the one that powered the Veyron Super Sport, it utilizes a totally new turbo system that works in two stages. The point is to remove turbo lag almost completely. How it works is during the lower RPM’s only two turbos are engaged. But when you hit 3,800 RPM the other two join the fun and the end result is an extremely predictable flat torque curve from 2,000 RPM to the 6,800 redline. That essentially means that anytime you put your foot to the floor you’re going to get an immediate response, and it’s likely to be unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.

Go along for a short ride in Chiron as this driver attempts to take it up what appears to be a short hill climb course. And even though the driver never really has a chance to let the old girl come close to stretching its legs, as a matter of fact, he barely even gets it out of first gear, yet you still catch a glimpse of the monster lurking within.

Photo: twitter/johnhancock
Photo: topgear

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