Talk about every delivery drivers dream vehicle, especially if they happen to be a gearhead. I’m talking about the 900hp all wheel drive electric utility van that was used in a drag race against some fo the quickest cars on the market. It’s made by a small Chinese company called Atieva and it’s very unlikely that you’ve heard of them at this point. But I’ve got a feeling that’s probably going to change.

This little van goes by the name “Edna” and its been the test mule for Atieva for a while now. They could have taken their high-performance electric chassis and matched it with a lightweight aerodynamic body but they didn’t. They wanted to prove just how powerful it was and what better way than to use a big old utility can as your mule and race it against true supercars like the Ferrari 458 Speciale and Nissan GTR. There are very few cars that can run with the mighty “Godzilla” when it comes to 0-60 acceleration, but it seems to have met its match. Edna does race a couple Teslas and although it didn’t beat them, it did finish right along with them. Again did I mention it was a big old utility van!

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