As an admitted Ducati fanboy, I generally fall for anything coming out of the Italian company’s lineup. But I have to say Ducati really nailed it with the design and work on their all new XDiavel, their first entry into the American cruiser market.

It took real guts for Ducati to step into the cruiser market over here. Ducati of course is known to make some of the most beautiful sport bikes in the world and they could have just stayed in that lane and no one would fault them. The American cruiser market is owned by Harley Davidson when it comes to top of the line bikes in that category, though the Japanese manufacturers also put a lot of cruisers on the road as well.

But hey Ducati felt they wanted a piece of that market and decided to give it a shot. And boy am I glad they did, especially as someone who had aged enough that I feel it is time I stopped riding bikes that require me to lean forward. Sitting up straight is a good idea at my age. Indeed that may explain why Ducati decided to enter the cruiser market, to give riders growing out of the sport bike market, a choice within the Ducati brand.

The bike is all Ducati, absolutely gorgeous and it still pays homage to the sport bike heritage with a real sporty feel. In fact Ducati refers to it as a “sport cruiser.” The engine has been stroked out to 1262cc and reaches its peak at 5,000 rpm, putting out 95 ft-lb. Peak horsepower is (116 kW). In terms of design, the bike has a single-sided swing arm which looks fantastic, and in keeping with what cruiser riders expect, it is belt-driven. Another great aspect of the design, is that it has 60 ride positions to chose from, allowing the buyer choices on four different footrest positions, five different seats and three different handlebars.

It is an excellent option for those considering other cruisers and even for those who were already sticking to the brand but only really had the Monster to consider before.  Starting price for this ride is $22,995.

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