Being a fan of Ducati, BMW and KTM makes for an interesting decision on which bike to choose when considering an adventure bike. When debating each brands prowess the BMW and KTM loyalist will be the first to point out the Ducati’s inability to really handle the off-road adventures. Ducati is here to rebuttal those claims, introducing the Enduro Pro version of their Multistrada.

The Multistrada is one of the best motorcycles Ducati has ever built, with each generation getting better than the last. But admittedly it has always been a street oriented adventure bike. Sure we can say it’s a true adventure bike but the reality is anything more than a gravel trail and you are way outside of its wheel house. But last year it all changed when they introduced the Multistrada Enduro. The Enduro gained a new found footing when off-road thanks to a 30mm bump in suspension travel front and rear. It also got a 19-inch front wheel and a 17-inch rear wheel to aid in these efforts. This gave the Enduro 35mm’s more ground clearance or just under 1 and a half inches for us Americans.

The bars are also taller and stronger, designed for those long periods where you need to stand out of the saddle. There are also different geometry changes that were included. All Resulting in a much more stable ride off-road. The brakes were also updated on the Enduro, including the added Vehicle Hold Control System that allows for better hill starts. Silly I know, but some people will dig it. The Enduro was also given better clearance for the exhaust, better skid plates, and a larger gas tank. This put it well within reach of the German and Austrian based bikes.

But now Ducati is looking to go even deeper, and that can only mean slapping the moniker ‘PRO’ everywhere. With the Pro Enduro the Multistrada now comes equipped with wire-spoke wheels shod in Knobby Pirelli Scorpion Rally tires, still in the 19-inch front and 17-inch rear sizes. This is good because it adds that aggressive tread but also keeps the more road-friendly wheel sizes. It also comes equipped with a full set of crash bars and a pair of LED lights for when the going gets really tough. To go with its new off-road abilities the Pro also has a shorter windscreen as well as a different saddle making your time off pavement even more enjoyable.

The Pro will still have all the same features of the standard Multistrada Enduro, with things like Traction control, wheelie control, and cornering ABS coming standard. The standard 1200cc Testestretta V-twin has gone unchanged, still churning out more than enough power for the 575lb adventure missile. The KTM is a little more powerful and slightly lighter, while the BMW is slightly lighter but substantially out powered.

The Enduro Pro is currently only coming in one color, and to our surprise, it isn’t red. Ducati elected to produce the Multi in a color they call ‘Sand,’ because the Italians are evidently out of original name ideas. Regardless it gives this Duc an unexpected look which is a nice twist. The bodywork is a combination of black gray and well… a sandy color. This all continues down through the Pro’s new seat, topping off the entire package. The final slick move from Ducati was the factory equipped Termignoni road-legal exhaust.

The Multistrada Enduro Pro is expected to go on sale in late July, with a price yet to be announced. The Enduro Pro will likely go for more than $22,000, a small price to pay to show up your buddies on their silly KTM’s and BMW’s.

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