The Dodge Viper ACR might be one of the most underrated American muscle cars on the planet. Not only does it have a screaming naturally aspirated 8.4L V10 engine churning out 645hp, but it’s also set numerous lap records at race tracks all over the world. That’s actually quite shocking and somewhat uncharacteristic of American muscle cars. The Viper ACR pulls this off thanks to a significant amount of R&D to achieve the maximum aerodynamic efficiency. Not to mention it has a staggering amount of downforce thanks to the front splitter assembly and of course that massive rear wing. It has numerous weight-saving features like a carbon fiber roof and aluminum doors. Plus it has the side mounted exhaust, and it doesn’t get much cooler than that for a muscle car.

Aside from a brief hiatus taken from 2010-2013, the Viper has been produced continually since its introduction in 1992. But Dodge has announced that the badass V10 muscle car is about to end production at the end of 2017. To celebrate the Viper and all its glory, Dodge teamed up with Pennzoil to create a short video of the Viper doing everything that makes it so appealing in the first place. They’re calling it “The Last Viper.” Pennzoil has put out a whole series of the short video ads, we posted “Joyride” featuring the Ferrari 488 GTB over a year ago.

Photo: roadandtrack